15 of the best restaurants and food spots in Portland

Mar 4 2021, 5:33 pm

When you don’t know what you want to eat, trust us.

Although our stomachs don’t hate how much we’ve eaten out, our credit cards surely do.

Here are 15 restaurants in Portland worth the spend:

Cafe Rowan

Cafe Rowan brings extensive flair and finishes to classic cafe dining standards. Everything is served above expectation, and they’re still working on expanding their horizons.

Address: 4437 SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Boulevard, Portland
Phone: 503 841 5072
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Tight Tacos and the Hellarito


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The Hellarito is just as much of a concept as it is one of the greatest burrito options in the entire Pacific Northwest. It’s everything you adore about the burrito, amped up and electrified.

The Zipper Location
Address: 2707 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland

SE Division Location
Address: 3060 SE Division Street, Portland
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Sparrow Bakery PDX

Sparrow Bakery PDX offers an astounding collection of gold standards, fanciful twists on classics, and the atmosphere that every MacBook-clad artisanal lo-fi lover can only dream of.

Address: 8195 N Lombard Street Suite 101, Portland
Phone: 971-386-2985
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La Rose Patisserie


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Think of La Rose Patisserie as a unique selection of French pastries, with an injection of Japanese influences. There’s no shortage of astounding treats at this patisserie.

Address: 17020 SW Whitley Way Suite 102, Beaverton
Phone: 503 352 5660
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Ko Sisters PDX


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Ko Sisters is a fantastic way to find some epic Korean street foods or at the very least some wickedly delicious Korean takes on American street and fair food classics.

Address: 1825 N Williams Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503 267 3918

The Whole Bowl

The Whole Bowl’s Tali Sauce is one of the most magnificent inventions in the sauce game. It’s magical. There is so much fan fair surrounding this sauce that legions of home-cooks on the internet have been trying to crack the code and make the perfect version for themselves.

Address: 4580 SW Watson Avenue
Phone: 503 3810586

Address: 1515 NW 23rd
Phone: 503 449 0891

Address: 701 SW 6th Avenue
Phone: 503 901 0405

Address: 4411 SE Hawthorne
Phone: 503 753 7071

Address: 4615 NE Sandy Blvd
Phone: 971 212 6154
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La Real Taqueria


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At just $1.50 per taco, and astounding flavor that serves up far more culinary adventure than the price denotes, you just can’t go wrong by devouring an order of a dozen little mouthfuls of exceptional taste.

Address: 11540 SW Pacific Highway, Tigard
Phone: 503-477-9333
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The Cookie Dough Cafe

The Cookie Dough Cafe serves up dreamy dough by the spoonful and has expanded beyond their PDX brick and mortar. People around the country with access to select grocery stores can also pick up some of their delicious dough. We still enjoy visiting the scoop shop, though.

Address: 120 NW 13th Avenue, Portland,
Phone: 503-477-7985
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Sweet Street BBQ

Sweet Street is just one of those extra-special places, and it’s a quiet darling among BBQ lovers in Portland. Everything they serve up is as much as you can get for the dollar, and with simple and refined flavors, they leap into your mouth.

Address: 1505 NE Alberta Street, Portland
Phone: 503-595-6150



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Serving both local and imported beers, this Cheesesteak haven in PDX takes a lot of heavy swings and knocks them all out of the park. You could truly throw a dart (please don’t, that’s dangerous) at the Steakadelphia menu and get something that is so mouthwateringly tasty, you may want to move to Philly yourself.

Address: 5835 SE Powell Boulevard, Portland
Phone: 503 788 7141
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Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant

The extra spectacular Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant has been tossing up and firing off pizzas and beyond to Portlandians for years. In the face of an economic shutdown, they have amped-up their take-out service.

Address: 4703 NE Fremont Street, Portland
Phone: 503-284-6747
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P & S Premium Smokehouse

P & S Premium Smokehouse makes meats that melt like butter. These folks make such good barbeque that you will literally lie awake at night thinking about it. The silver truck adorned with a grand purple lion, housing the sultans of the slow cook and the deacons of deliciousness, has become so synonymous with flawless barbeque that they often sell out.

Address: 4810 SW Western Avenue, Beaverton
Phone: 503-259-8829

Union Burger


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This bright yellow, community-focused, family-owned burger food cart isn’t shy when it comes to taking over the streets with its flavor-packed hamburgers. Union Burger truly shines because they have three simple items on their burger menu, and the rest is up to you.

Address: 7339 NE Martin Luther King Jr Boulavard, Portland
Phone: 503-744-9745
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Farmhouse Kitchen


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For Portlandians, there’s one spot that offers up one of the best large table meals, a mountain of Taiwanese favorites cooked up by the fine folks at Farmhouse Kitchen. In what can only be described as a brilliant pivot, the flavor masters at this eatery have devised the perfect take-home version of this splendid meal.

Address: 3354 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland
Phone: 503-432-8115

Casa Vacca Italian Tapas


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All the way down their astounding menu, Casa Vacca packs a punch with epic taste combinations, textures, and twists that are bound to keep you coming back.

Address: 7800 SW Capitol Highway
Phone: 503-432-8479


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