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Tyler Jadah – Montreal City Editor
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Al SciolaStaff Writer, Montreal
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Megan Devlin – Senior Staff Writer, Toronto
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Zoe Demarco – Weekend Staff Writer, Toronto
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Adam Laskaris – Staff Writer, Offside
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Karen Doradea – Staff Writer, Toronto
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Michelle Ma – Campaign Manager

Theresa Tran – Campaign Manager

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Catriona Hughes  – Senior Branded Content Writer | Author Page

Victoria Bouthillier-Croteau – Branded Content Creator | Author Page

Zain Meghji– Head of Video 

Laurenne Karmel – Coordinating Producer

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Justin Walls – Social Media Specialist


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Danielle Sachar – Social Media Manager, East

Hayley Green – Social Media Coordinator, East

Emily Miller – Social Media Coordinator, East

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Kelsey Watson – Social Media Strategist

Stephanie Woo – Community Partnerships Manager | [email protected]


Amber W. – Director of Product | [email protected]

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Graham Grochowski – Intermediate Web Developer

Ryan Cordingley – Full Stack Developer

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Satyen Ram – UX Specialist

Kevan O’Brien – Manager, Ad Monetization & Optimization


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Klaryssa Pangilinan – Head of People & Culture | [email protected]

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