What to eat in Portland today: Tight Tacos and the Hellarito

Aug 24 2020, 7:35 pm

There’s something about the perfect burrito that sums up all of the things that most people adore about eatery experiences. Especially if said burrito combines the magical menagerie of juicy ingredients with a substantially formidably tortilla shell.

Tight Tacos in Portland — they also have an awesome shop in Maui, Hawaii — may have taco in the name, but it’s their wraps that lift them into the stratosphere to live amongst other god-tier burritos.

With two spots in the Portland area, this local favorite has the chips, the guac, and tacos, and of course the wraps, to make it a surefire win on any given day.


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You can even order Tight Tacos online via their web portal and have these deliciously detailed comfort foods ready for pick-up when you’re at peak hungriness.

What to order

Throughout the entire menu, you’re going to find some of Portland’s most vibrant flavors, and you can’t beat the family taco take-home kit that lets you “be the taquero you’ve always wanted to be,” but there’s one member of this menu that is beyond our dreams.


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The Hellarito is just as much of a concept as it is one of the greatest burrito options in the entire Pacific Northwest. It’s everything you adore about the burrito, amped up and electrified.

Adapting the “California-style” burrito, Tight Tacos serves up one of their house-famous proteins, alongside nacho cheese, crema, onions, cilantro, and their crispy house-cut fries, all wrapped up in the perfect tortilla shell. It’s gooey heaven and holds up in your hands.

Tight Tacos

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