What to eat in Portland today: The Cookie Dough Cafe

Jul 13 2020, 6:35 pm

Mixing a good cookie with the wondrous world of ice cream is a long-standing tradition. In general, the raw dough and sweet treat mash-up is the only socially acceptable way to eat the uncooked version of these baked bastions.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Portland, there’s a shop specifically designed to let you indulge in your cookie dough dreams.

The Cookie Dough Cafe serves up dreamy dough by the spoonful, and after a recent appearance on Shark Tank, the cafe has expanded beyond their PDX brick and mortar. People around the country with access to select grocery stores can also pick up some of their delicious dough.


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For the personal party, the Cookie Dough Cafe’s scoop shop on Northwest 13th Avenue offers up all of the ice cream shop aesthetics and menu options that most would expect, it’s just majoritively without the ice cream.

What to order

We highly recommend going to your local grocery store to pick up as much of the good stuff as you can, and using the online portal to suggest and recommend the inclusion of your local store if they do not carry The Cookie Dough Cafe products. However, nothing beats heading down to the shop itself and leaving with a few scoops of that good rawness.


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One of the biggest gifts that this brand has given to the world is its cookie dough in a snack-packed bar form for on-the-go eating.

Our favorite flavor available at the Cookie Dough Cafe is the confetti cake; however, there are always pleasant surprises in store for the dough lover in all of us if you just head down to their scoop shop.

The Cookie Dough Cafe

Address: 120 NW 13th Avenue, Portland,
Phone: 503 477 7985

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