14 times Vancouver-area drivers behaved VERY badly (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Jun 8 2021, 10:16 am

Two weeks ago, we saw a driver entering a pedestrian-only area with her car so she could use the ATM at a Canada Line station.

However, this was not the only crazy driving incident we’ve seen recently.

In fact, in light of this recent incident, Daily Hive thought we’d put together some cringe-worthy content of Vancouver-area drivers behaving very badly over the past few years.

Here is a roundup of very badly behaved drivers in the Vancouver area.

1. Driver ticketed after entering pedestrian-only area at Canada Line station in Richmond

An Audi driver in Richmond received hundreds of dollars in fines, and four points on her licence, after driving into a pedestrian-only area at the Canada Line Richmond-Brighouse Station.

2. Woman fined after driving SUV down stairs at Sheraton Wall Centre

According to police, the woman drove her SUV down the stairs outside the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver. She then proceeded to use her turn signal when leaving the sidewalk and merged onto the road. She was given a $368 ticket for driving without due care.

3. Unlicensed Vancouver teen driver destroys Porsche Cayenne in hit-and-run

The pricey SUV was involved in a hit-and-run with a parked car on June 16, and to make matters worse it was driven by an unlicensed 16-year-old who had taken his mother’s car for a spin while she was out of town. The teen would have just been charged with Driving Without a Licence, a $276 fine, but since he fled the scene, multiple charges were laid.

4. Richmond driver caught not even TRYING to remove snow from car before driving

This Richmond learned the hard way that no matter how much of a rush you’re in, snow needs to be cleared from your vehicle before you can drive it. Not removing all snow from the windows of your car can result in a $109 fine under the Motor Vehicle Act.

5. Car filmed driving down seawall in False Creek

This man was seen driving a BMW while cruising along the pedestrian path of the seawall near False Creek during sunset. The 40-second clip shows the vehicle driving on the walkway, with glimpses of BC Place and Science World in the background.

6. Driver ticketed for using bus lane after failing driving test for same reason

A Vancouver driver was given an expensive reminder to refrain from driving in bus lanes. That same driver was pulled over for driving in a bus lane later that week. The police found that the driver didn’t have an “L” properly displayed and didn’t have a supervisor in the vehicle, either. The ticket totalled $327, which included individual fines for driving in a bus lane, failing to display an “L,” and driving without a supervisor.

7. Vancouver driver fined $368 for streaming football game on dashcam

A Vancouver driver who just couldn’t wait to watch a football game paid a hefty price of $368 as a result, after being stopped by police on Cambie Street.

A video posted to Twitter shows the driver of a Mercedes stopped at a gas station at No.5 Road and Bridgeport, with the gas pump and hose attached to their vehicle. In the video, the man can be seen standing outside the vehicle looking pretty confused.

9. Richmond driver ignores posted sign, parks car on sidewalk


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This photo of a white Mercedes parked on the sidewalk right next to a sign stating “no vehicles on sidewalk.” So whether the driver didn’t see the sign, or saw it and just didn’t care, we’ll likely never know.

10. Two brothers arrested after speeding, ramming vehicles into each other


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Two brothers were arrested in Maple Ridge in what police called a “dangerous and reckless” incident of road rage. Reports were made of a Grey Dodge pickup truck and a Blue Dodge Durango being driven dangerously and at high rates of speed while “intentionally ramming their vehicles into each other.” The two brothers were both arrested at the scene and are now facing multiple charges, police said.

11. Drunk driver drives into Richmond RCMP headquarters while being chased by police

Richmond RCMP were stunned when a suspected drunk driver drove right into the parking lot of the unit’s headquarters while pulling an attempt to escape the tail of patrol cars. Police officers in the parking lot and those that were in the chase vehicles arrested a 28-year-old man.

12. Airborne SUV narrowly avoids hitting pedestrian in Richmond parking lot


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This white SUV was attempting to make what appears to be a U-turn in the parking lot of the Yaohan Centre, off No. 3 Road in Richmond. The video begins relatively uneventfully, but things seem to quickly go sideways and it all culminates in the SUV going airborne through a hedge.

13. Vancouver speeder caught twice in 13 minutes

A driver was caught speeding in Vancouver twice in 13 minutes, and a police sergeant called them out on Twitter.“Please slow down and arrive safely,” Sgt. Mark Christensen said. The driver was issued two tickets totalling $392 and was given six demerit points.

14. Driver caught twice in 8 minutes for distracted driving in Vancouver

The first incident took place in the 2500 block of Granville Street when the driver was stopped and ticketed for distracted driving. Eight minutes later and less than six blocks away, the very same motorist was caught and ticketed for the very same thing. Total fines against the driver amounted to $736.

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