Richmond driver ignores posted sign, parks car on sidewalk (PHOTO)

Apr 24 2019, 5:08 am

While keeping vehicles on the roads and off the sidewalks might be common sense for most people, sometimes drivers need a little extra reminder to do just that.

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For example, in parts of Richmond, there are posted signs kindly reminding motorists not to do this.

But still, it seems that even with the helpful signage, some have a hard time getting the message.

Take for example, this photo of a white Mercedes parked on the sidewalk…right next to one of these signs.

The photo was captured by Paul Phelan and posted the Facebook group, “Richmond Learns to Park.”

Phelan’s description of the photo is blunt to say the least.

“Richmond: the only place where you need a sign that says no vehicles on the sidewalk, yet it’s still disobeyed,” he writes.

Yes, it seems that even with signage and separate areas, some drivers still have trouble telling sidewalks and streets apart.

So whether the driver didn’t see the sign, or saw it and just didn’t care, we’ll likely never know. But hey, can’t blame the city for trying to help with a sign, right?

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