Southcentre Mall: Best things to eat and drink at the Calgary shopping centre

Nov 29 2022, 6:01 pm

The incredible food options at Southcentre Mall have to be the most fun part of going shopping there.

Before, during, or after a stressful shop, treating yourself to a wonderful meal makes it all worth it, but deciding what to choose can be overwhelming.

Some of the best food spots in the mall are in the food court, at opposite ends, or even hidden inside the stores. Knowing the best places to grab a bite or a drink is a must when entering the busy frenzy inside. CF Chinook Centre and CrossIron Mills have some great places to eat, but our focus here is on another massive shopping centre.

These are the best things to eat and drink at Southcentre Mall.



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This is the second outpost for the International House of Pancakes, having opened at Southcentre Mall in October.

Breakfast lovers can swing by thisĀ American breakfast chain for a T-Bone Steak and Eggs, a Breakfast Sampler, or maybe just a full stack of buttermilk pancakes. Go before, after, or in the middle of a big day of shopping. After all, it is the holiday season so this is perfect timing.


Potato Corner

Although not open quite yet, we still have to include this exciting new food spot because it should be here soon. Also, it just looks amazing.

This is a Filipino-based global chain that specializes in cooking and serving flavoured fries.Ā Starting in 1992, this franchise started as aĀ small cart in the Philippines and is now found in countries across the world.

Available in six different size options, there are more than 25 different flavours to choose from, as well as specialty fries like tater tots, curly fries, hash browns, chips, and more. Some of the flavours, whether you want sweet or savoury, include cheese, sour cream, wasabi, sweet corn, ranch chocolate, honey butter, curry, and more.



This popular chain is the go-to spot for any shopper with a hankering for a fantastic sandwich. Freshly baked buns are used to make these amazing creations in-house, like the pulled pork and mac and cheese sandwich, or the chicken banh mi with hoisin marinade, spicy Asian sesame sauce, and garlic aioli.


Analog Coffee


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Analog Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Calgary (even if you want to break up with someone).

Even though it continues to grow, every Analog Coffee does feel like a neighbourhood cafe, with talented baristas who have friendly smiles and remember your order. The breakfast sandwiches, lunch wraps, and baked goods are all must-orders.



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Located in the food court is Hula, bringing good vibes to anyone who visits.

This Hawaiian-themed food spot has several different kinds of poke bowls with various flavours to choose from to completely make your own. Any of these poke bowls are worth trying because they’ll be created by you, but make sure to order a Wai Tai (fruit-infused coconut water) on the side.


Carlo’s Bake Shop Express Cake ATM

This hidden gem isn’t in a store, shop, or food court; it is a vending machine along the wall waiting to be discovered. From the mind of the famous Cake Boss, this vending machine has massive slices of freshly baked cakes to try at the push of a button. Flavours can change, but the delicious signature Rainbow Slice can’t be missed.


Southcentre Mall

Address: 100 Anderson Road SE, Calgary


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