How to save money on a trip to Vancouver

Jul 25 2022, 11:10 pm

While the words “Vancouver” and “budget travel” don’t seem to fit in the same sentence, you can still do the city as a budget traveller if you’re savvy.

Yes, we are the city where a million-dollar home is a teardown, but the locals who get by here know a trick or two for saving money.

Whether you’re in Vancity for business or pleasure, there’s a way to save on everything from where you stay to what you eat.

Save money on accommodations


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If you’re not couch surfing with friends or family in Vancouver, then accommodations will be your most significant expenditure.

You’ll rarely find a hotel cheaper than $200 per night in Vancouver. So, if you’re looking to cut back accommodation costs, you can try staying at a hostel or booking a place to stay that’s further from the city centre.

The HI Jericho Beach has rates from $132 and an excellent beachfront location. The Panda Pod Hotel in Richmond is ideal for solo travellers because rates start at $89, and the hotel’s close to rapid transit.

Get outside

For now, nature in Vancouver is free. Go on a hot girl walk, explore a new section of the seawall you’ve never seen before, wander the trails in Pacific Spirit Park, and walk along the beach in Kitsilano.

The only downside to these outdoor activities is that it rains – a lot – in Vancouver.

It rains so much that if you wait for the weather to improve before getting outside, you might spend your whole trip indoors.

So, be prepared for the rain. Pack an umbrella, so you don’t have to buy one, bring waterproof shoes with you, and embrace the wet coast.

Eat cheaply


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Make your food dollars go further in Vancouver while still taking in the local culture. Remember, you don’t have to eat every meal out, and filling up on affordable produce from small, independent grocery stores is a good bet. You can also try:

Check out Daily Hive’s Dished channel for all the latest Vancouver food news and cheap eats.

Move like a local


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You’ll save a lot of money if you skip the Uber and walk, bus, or bike your way around Vancouver. It’s an extremely walkable city, and most tourist attractions are connected via a great transportation network.

Unless you arrive in Vancouver in the middle of the night, taking the Canada Line train from the airport to the city is effortless.

Once you’re in town, most short trips on bus or train will cost $3.10 each. But going on the train directly from the YVR Airport adds another $5 charge to your fare.

While in town, if you can borrow a bike from your hotel or use your own two feet – you’ll save a lot of money. You can also rent Mobi bikes and use the 30-day pass for $30.

Save on attractions and activities


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Vancouver’s popular attractions can quickly eat into your travel budget. Try:

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