8 best new restaurants that opened in Edmonton this spring

Jun 14 2022, 9:04 pm

Many of the best new restaurants in Edmonton opened up this spring, just in time for a sunny, patio-filled summer.

The dining scene in YEG is flourishing with people excited to try new menus and revisit their favourite places.

The only difficult part is knowing which new food spots are worth going to, and which ones might not be for you. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite gems that opened over the last few months.

These are some of the best new restaurants that opened in Edmonton this spring.

Home and Away

Home and Away, already a staple for the Calgary bar scene, opened just in time to reign supreme in the Battle of Alberta.

Sports and games are fantastic, but it’s the food that brings people back for every event. The menu features sporty comfort fare with fun twists, including inventive tacos, burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and so much more.

It’s always a party here.

Address: 10363 104th Street NW, Edmonton


Hayloft Steak and Fish

Located in the Cameron Heights community, this is the spot in Edmonton for surf and turf.

A fine dining ambience and a menu with comforting steak and fish dishes will all be supplied by local farmers and mongers. The surf and turf menu has classic options with modern twists, like the BC spot prawn cocktail served with a maple chipotle squash ketchup and entirely new creations, such as the crab kale and artichoke dip.

Address: 639 Cameron Heights Drive NW, Edmonton


Flirty Bird


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Flirty Bird specializes in Nashville-style hot chicken, including sandwiches, tenders, fries, and all of the sides.

There are six different spice levels to choose from when picking out the chicken meal you’d like to try. The “no flirt” option means there’s no heat at all, and the “scorchin’ flirt” boasts of being the hottest chicken in the city. There’s a chicken sandwich, a chicken tenders meal, and the flirty fries.

Simple and easy is the concept here, and it works because the food is so good. The flirty fries come with chopped chicken, slaw, comeback sauce, and pickles.

Address: 10455 Whyte Avenue, Calgary


Birch and Bear

Birch & Bear is a new West Coast-themed pizza, calzone, and salad spot that opened in Edmonton.

“The Birch” part of the menu offers original pizza creations that are vegan and vegetarian, while “The Bear” is for meat lovers.

Some of the birch pizzas include classics like the Margherita and exciting originals like the lemon-roasted kale and artichoke pizza or the parmesan and herb flatbread. Pepperoni pizza is an option on the menu, but there’s also a Rueben and fries, wild smoked salmon, or the Korean bulgogi beef, to name a few.

Address: 11965 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


Woodshed Burgers – Rundle Park


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Woodshed Burgers, known for its massive sandwiches, creative burgers, fun sides, and more, opened a new location in Edmonton.

You can try the classic burger –it’s a great way to go — but we suggest going for one of the more unique options. The Juicy Lucy is a burger made with Nonay beef stuffed with BBQ short rib, smoked cheddar, bourbon caramelized onions, lettuce, and garlic aioli.

Address: 2909 113th Avenue NW, Edmonton


Fu’s Repair Shop

Fu’s Repair Shop is an original, high-concept bar with a seriously unique and delicious menu perfectly designed for a night out; this spot has the feel and looks of a New York or LA-based bar.

Address: 9902 109th Street, Edmonton


High Dough


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Serving Detroit-style deep-dish pizza, High Dough provides a uniquely delicious type of pie that gives a one-of-a-kind experience in YEG. The pizzas are fun, the cocktails are original, the local beer list is long, and the dips absolutely have to be ordered with the meal.

The stacked pizzas with fun names here include classics with toppings like pepperoni, oregano, Grana Padano, Mozza, and tomato sauce, but also so many fun ones like the Little Bit Country, made with roasted chicken, tomato, banana pepper, bbq sauce, pimento cheese, green onion, Mozza, tomato sauce.

Address: 7341 104th Street, Edmonton


Community Taps & Pizza

The menu will focus on pizza, with an emphasis on its state-of-the-art pizza oven imported straight from Europe.

New York- and Detroit-style pizza are both available here, depending on where your tastes lie.

Prefer a thinner crust pizza topped with mozzarella, grana Padano, oregano, and a garlic oiled crust? Then go with the New York pizza menu. Ready for a heftier pie with cheese-crusted edges? Better go with Detroit.

Address: 8232 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton


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