Best takeout food in Calgary you need to start ordering

Jun 21 2023, 8:45 pm

Looking for the best takeout food in Calgary? We have all the popular options to make that always-hard decision an easy one.

There are so many great bars and restaurants in YYC, and many of them provide the same amazing food we love as takeout to enjoy right in our homes. Some places have crafted new dishes, while others still offer iconic favourites. 

It can feel overwhelming going through menu after menu, wondering what you’re in the mood for and wondering where to take a chance.

Relieving that pressure, here are 10 places that offer the best takeout food in Calgary.

Pure Street Food


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Pure Street Food, located inside the First Street Market, just placed on Canada’s Best New Takeout list.

Soup, rice, or noodle bowls are a can’t miss here, and with dishes like the Hu Tieu Mi Kho noodle bowl with two kinds of noodles (all-pork dry egg noodles and rice noodles), char siu pork, ground pork, mixed greens, garlic, sate oil, and crispy pork spring rolls, it all seems ideal for taking home.

Every order of that dish also comes with a side of pork rib broth, green onion, and cilantro.

This spot also has the infamous savoury sesame donuts, which feel like one of the coolest items anywhere in the city. These are Vietnamese-style hollow donuts, hand rolled and fried to order, served with Sriracha aioli, cucumber, pickled carrots, and cilantro. We suggest the fire chicken and cheese.

Address: 1327 1st Street SW, Calgary


Actually Pretty Good

If you’re searching for the best takeout food in Calgary, you’ll likely start by wondering what the best pizza is.

Actually Pretty Good is one of the most popular places for pizza, along with sandwiches, pasta dishes, and appetizers like meatballs and chicken wings.

If you’ve never been before, Actually Pretty Good is a lively neighbourhood spot in the Bankview community that serves up imaginative pizzas made to order. Each one is cooked perfectly, made easier by having one of the best light and flaky crusts you’ll ever find.

Address: 2509 14th Street SW, Calgary

Address: 1327 1st Street SW, Calgary


Pigot’s Burger Club

When local Chef Mike Pigot (pronounced pee-jo) won season 22 of Guy Fieri’s Grocery Games, Calgary was proud. When he decided to open a smash-burger pop-up for takeout and delivery, the city became overjoyed.

Pigot uses his own spice blend and Berretta beef to make mouth-watering, beautifully simple burgers. It’s a pop-up, but it’s also a club we want to be a part of and hope stays forever.

Address: 345 10th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-514-2337


To Me Vietnamese Sub


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The unassuming, small drive-thru spot, To Me Vietnamese Sub, is the hole-in-the-wall you need to know about. Since late last year, they’ve been serving up delicious subs, salad rolls, and some of the best vermicelli bowls in Calgary.

You’d never know how great this place is just by driving by, so just trust us — and the 4.9-star rating it currently boasts on Google reviews.

Address: 5250 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary
Phone: 825-882-2828


Sukiyaki House


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Sukiyaki House has been the go-to sushi house in Calgary to get authentic Japanese cuisine in a contemporary chic setting, and it still is — but at your own dinner table instead.

The lunch and dinner menu features elevated items like house-made gyoza, crispy tempura, miso sablefish, and chicken karaage with a yuzu kewpie mayo. Of course, there’s also an extensive list of freshly prepared sushi to order from.

Sushi travels remarkably well, and Sukiyaki House is one of our favourites.

Address: 207 9th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-263-3003

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Alumni Sandwiches


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Choosing what type of sandwich to order from Alumni is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make from a food menu — thankfully there are no wrong decisions.

The sandwiches are as good as it gets, with options like the Hot Chicken, Mexican Torta, and Rosemary Beef Dip sandwiches. The Roasted Turkey and Brie sandwich is made with turkey, beef, ham, bacon, provolone, tomato, pickles, and house-made sandwich sauce all on a hero roll.

Every sandwich at Alumni is a work of art.

Address: 727 17th Avenue, Calgary
Phone: 403-455-7255

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First Avenue Corner Store

All the real ones know about Shiki Menya already, but the attached corner store still feels like a hidden gem.

The ramen kits are available here, and so are items like curry buns and Katsu sandwiches. There is even the delicious new Matcha Way inside, operating on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Address: 824 1st Avenue NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-454-2722


The Beltliner


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Sunday Funday with friends is one of the most missed days in the week, and the Beltliner is always a go-to place.

The Beltliner’s all-day menu can be enjoyed any day of the week at home. It has classic breakfasts done right, as well as items like Shakshuka, Starbelly Cilibir, and Brown Butter Waffles. Working with farmers to provide locally sourced, organic ingredients, the Beltliner team has developed a menu of modern dishes with a delicious twist.

There are even brown paper bag beers for just $4.

Address: 243 12th Avenue SW
Phone: 587-955-1555

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Calcutta Cricket Club

This hip 17th Avenue spot offers Indian food and drinks inspired by the West Bengal state in India.

Indian food is one of the best foods for takeout, with the rice, naan, and curries always ending up essentially as good as when they left.

The butter chicken is the best in the city, and for a small uncharge you can even add more sauce on the side. Who would ever not do that?

Address: 340 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Native Tongues

Everyone loves tacos, and that means everybody seems to love Native Tongues.

Order a bunch of tacos, burritos, chips, sides, and more here. Every single time the team packs it up with care, ensuring every sauce is on the side so that nothing ever arrives soggy.

For so many reasons, this is definitely some of the best takeout food options in Calgary.

Address: 235 12th Avenue SW, Calgary


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