14 things in Alberta that make it the best province in Canada

Jun 5 2023, 6:16 pm

There is nothing wrong with a little pride in where you live, and there are plenty of reasons why Alberta is the best province in Canada.

From its vast wilderness to charming small towns and vibrant cities, ‘Berta has plenty of things going on.

Albertans may not agree on everything, but we have rounded up a list of things that would make anyone give a big thumbs-up to being called the best province in the country.

The Battle of Alberta

McDavid Oilers Game 1 Flames

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

On the sports side of things, the rivalry between the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames is legendary and always oh-so-fun, especially when the teams meet up in the playoffs. Whether you cheer for the oil or fan the flames, the gentle taunting between fans of both teams is one thing that makes the province so great.

The Calgary Stampede

chuckwagon calgary stampede

Chuckwagon races (calgarystampede.com)

There’s a reason why it’s called “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” and the Calgary Stampede truly has global recognition. People travel to Calgary from all over the world every summer to check it out, from its wild Midway eats and numerous pancake breakfasts to celebrity-filled concerts, and of course, everything rodeo.

West Edmonton Mall


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You can’t think of Alberta without thinking of the West Edmonton Mall in the province’s capital, which is chalked full of options like Galaxyland, the Waterpark, mini golf, ice skating, bowling, and of course, shopping. There is even a hotel within the mall that has TONS of wild and eccentric theme rooms to stay in. Nowhere else in Canada can compete!

Moraine Lake

drive lake

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It’s one of the most iconic spots in Canada, and Alberta is ever so lucky to have Moraine Lake in its backyard. The deep, bright turquoise waves gently lap across the rippling lake, and a mineral-rich content allows for a truly brilliant and vibrant hue. We mean, having Banff National Park in Alberta is a huge W for us, and certainly makes it stand out as the best province. Just remember, you’ll need to book a shuttle to visit the iconic lake this year.

The Badlands and dinosaurs


Drumheller hoodoos (Jeremy Klager/Shutterstock)

A true natural wonder, the Badlands and all the dinosaur bones that lay within them truly help make the province the best in the country. Drumheller offers up so much, like the Royal Tyrrell Museum – if you haven’t been, you seriously gotta go – and gigantic plastic dinosaurs. In addition to Drumheller, there is also Dinosaur Provincial Park to check out in Alberta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that transports you back to prehistoric times.

All the outrageous roadside attractions

roadside attractions in Alberta

@myowndrum/Instagram | @thatelisabeth/Instagram

There are plenty of highways to road trip on in Alberta, and one thing that makes the province so special is its wild amount of MASSIVE (and sometimes even a little bizarre) roadside attractions and landmarks to visit. From a big bee to a giant beaver, there are plenty that make it so great.

Athabasca Sand Dunes

athabasca sand dunes

@explorefmwb/Instagram | explorewoodbuffalo.ca

If you aren’t a fan of the Rockies (we mean, who wouldn’t be?) there is actually a MASSIVE sand dunes area in Alberta to check out, too. The Athabasca Sand Dunes are located in the Maybelle River Wildland Park, 200 kilometres north of Fort McMurray in the Wood Buffalo region. According to Travel Alberta, the area features 12-metre-tall sand dunes along with 60-metre-high kames (steep-sided mounds of sand and gravel deposited by a melting ice sheet) that are among the world’s largest.

Public art that gets people talking

The City of Calgary Arts and Culture/Facebook | LisaBourgeault/Shutterstock

Public art installations seem to get one HECK of a reaction from Albertans, and in Calgary, many residents still don’t seem to like the art installation Travelling Light. With a budget of $471,000, it’s been called a giant waste of money by some. Over in Edmonton, the Talus Dome has garnered a similar reaction from residents over the years. Made up of nearly 1,000 handcrafted stainless steel spheres forming an abstract talus shape, the sculpture reflects the sky, weather, and the river of cars that pass by it. Just don’t get stuck in it.

Abraham Lake ice bubbles

ice bubbles Alberta

CoolPhoto2/Shutterstock| Shawna and Damien Richard/Shutterstock

Ice bubbles that form in a lake in Alberta have gained international prominence, take that the rest of Canada! The ice bubbles bloom under Abraham Lake like flowers, making for a stunning sight. You can pack your skates and hit the lake, gliding over the bubbles while surrounded by the Rockies.

Maligne Canyon

Laine Mitchell/Daily Hive

Maligne Canyon in Jasper National Park is a gem to visit year-round, but an ice walk through the canyon hits differently, with frozen waterfalls and breathtaking views. While “majestic, marvellous, and memorable” first come to mind, this geological wonder is also known as one of Jasper’s most famous natural landmarks.

Beautiful golf courses

golf Alberta

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Golf season may be short in Alberta, but the province is completely stacked with world-renowned courses to enjoy. From the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course in Jasper, Blackhawk in Nisku and Mickelson National in Calgary to Calgary Golf & Country Club and Stewart Creek in Canmore, it’s a beautiful place to be a golfer!

Alberta beef


We can’t talk about what makes Alberta great without bringing up one thing: Alberta beef. Everyone knows that Alberta has some of the best cuts of beef in the world, so it’s no shocker that there are some seriously killer steakhouses in Calgary and Edmonton.

The affordable housing


Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock

Alberta has some of the most affordable house prices in Canada, with Edmonton and Calgary recently being declared two of the most affordable cities for first-time homeowners. If you are looking to start a life comfortably, Alberta sure seems like the place to be!

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway (EB Adventure Photography/Shutterstock)

The 232-km stretch of highway between Jasper and Lake Louise is packed full of stunning works of nature, demanding hikes, and views that take your breath away. You can see more than 100 glaciers, jaw-dropping waterfalls, shimmering lakes, green forests, and much more. We mean, if you have ever driven the Icefields Parkway, you know EXACTLY why this route would help make Alberta the best province in Canada. One word: stunning.

What in Alberta would you say makes it the best province in Canada? Let us know in the comments.

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