17 things to do in Calgary this week while physical distancing

Jul 20 2020, 4:00 pm

Note: While local parks, shops, and events are beginning to reopen, Alberta Health Services is reminding individuals to monitor their health for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. And if you’re not feeling well, they recommend staying home at this time. If you decide to go out, maintain the six-feet physical distancing guidelines.

The pandemic has cancelled a lot of events, but don’t despair.

Between the vast amount of activities you can do at home, alongside some newly reopened activities, there is still plenty for Calgarians to do to get through this pandemic responsibly.

Get out into nature

The Province of Alberta has reopened provincial parks for those craving a hike, and warmer weather means that many of Calgary’s outdoor areas have become ideal places to spend the day. Just make sure that you’re maintaining physical distancing between households when out and about, and try to avoid some of the most popular trails and spots!

Order local

Calgary’s pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes have officially been given the go-ahead to reopen, and many are offering takeout and delivery options as well as dine-in. Show your fav restaurants some support by calling in an order.

Go for a bike ride


Calgary has one of North America’s most extensive bike networks, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a route that keeps you relatively secluded — just try to avoid the obvious go-tos, like Nose Hill Park or Eau Claire Promenade, and you should be fine!

Hit up a golf course

Thanks to the province reopening some services and activities, the City of Calgary has decided to reopen a handful of city-owned golf courses.

Get a haircut

Hair salons and barbershops have been given the green light to reopen by the province as of May 25, so it’s finally time to fix up that quarantine do. Just make sure you abide by all public health measures and stay home if you are feeling sick — that haircut has waited three months, so it can wait a little while longer!

Work on your mental health


It’s a strange time, and you might be feeling overwhelmed, scared, lost, or just unwell. Now’s a really good time to start cultivating good habits for your mental and physical health, so we’ve rounded up five really great apps for iOS and Android to help you do just that.

Catch a movie

Cineplex has just reopened its theatres in Calgary.

Physical distancing measures are in place, allowing you to spend a cool evening catching a flick for the first time in months!

Check out Heritage Park’s Historical Village

Taking a trip back in time to escape the brutal reality of 2020 sounds like an ideal afternoon these days.

Luckily for those of us hoping to forget our present horrors for an hour or two, Heritage Park’s Historical Village has officially reopened.

Transporting visitors back to the early days of Calgary, Heritage Park allows guests to explore historical homes and exhibits, ride an antique steam train, and visit some old-fashioned stores selling some sweet goods.

Dive into some webcomics

There’s no shortage of webcomics available to read, but finding a series that has a large archive is another story altogether.

We’ve put together a list of seven picks with deep, deep archives to keep you entertained for a few hours, days, or even weeks.

Check them out here.

Devour some free content on YouTube

If you don’t have any Netflix logins from your friends or family, you can still binge-watch to your heart’s content. We’ve listed 13 YouTube channels that range from cooking to learning about Disney theme-park history to random shenanigans filmed for the joy of others.

Quarantine N’ Chill with Kylee Roman

Virgin Radio’s Kylee Roman hosts a livestream with musical artists and local experts every weekday at 9 pm.

Get into a podcast or three



If you need some background chatter while you work from home, it’s never too late to discover a favourite podcast. From true crime to just hanging out and joking around, we’ve found 22 podcasts to appeal to anyone with a set of headphones and time to kill.

Binge watch some shows

There’s nothing but time these days, so it’s a perfect time to catch up on your must-watch list. We’ve put together a list of 17 shows to binge-watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus if you need some inspiration!

Cost: $10 to $12 or a free trial

Browse Twitter

Twitter has a bad reputation as a messy, angry platform. That is partially deserved, but Twitter also has a wealth of inspiring, informative, and funny accounts. We’ve put together a list of 23 Twitter accounts that will tickle your funny bone while you sift through bread recipes.

Listen to free audiobooks

Calgary Public Library’s Overdrive program is a great way to stream or download a massive collection of audiobooks and ebooks. It can be done over a computer or even through the Overdrive app on both android and iOS.

Learn something new about the city, the world, or even the universe. All it takes is a library card.

Have a picnic in your car

things to do


Find a secluded hill with a nice view of the Calgary skyline and enjoy your very own dining experience with a view.

Play some online Dungeons and Dragons

Failing being self-isolated with a group of roommates or the family, a lot of people will be looking for ways to pass the time and get some social contact beyond a phone call or a text thread.

Enter online Dungeons and Dragons.

Most people think D&D and picture a dining room table surrounded by people and covered with miniatures, and while in-person sessions are fun, there is an entire world of online D&D just waiting to be explored.

Here’s how to go about playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons while still physical distancing.

Remember, the times we stay at home are what we make of it. Stay home as much as possible, stay safe, and stay up to date with daily news on Daily Hive.

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