Mango Yummy: Sweet local Richmond spot specializes in mango desserts

Mar 16 2023, 11:37 pm

We’ve talked about our love of mango treats many times before ā€“ seriously, we truly can’t get enough ā€“ but we recently stumbled upon another noteworthy Metro Vancouver spot that specializes in all things mango.

Mango Yummy is located at 8271 Westminster Highway, in the small strip mall beside the Beijing Hot Pot Restaurant and Tiger Sugar bubble tea shop.

This location opened back in 2020, following the 2018 closure of its two other locations in Richmond.

We’re happy Mango Yummy managed to find a new home, though, because its huge selection of mango treats are nothing short of divine.

Looking for something refreshing on a rare sunny winter day, we popped into the Richmond spot after spending some time perusing the Richmond Public Market across the street.

Mango Yummy’s menu includes a range of mango drinks (including Mango Tapioca, Mango Mochi, and Mango and Coconut Cream) as well as shaved ice with ice cream (also known as Bingsoo), brown sugar tofu puddings, and refreshing smoothies.

While mango is obviously the main draw here, Mango Yummy also has a lineup of durian treats on its menu, such as the signature Durian Tapioca Cup, Durian Slush, and Durian Shaved Ice. Or, if red bean is more your thing, there are several dessert options with the popular Asian ingredient as well.

So much fresh mango! | Daryn Wright/Daily Hive

Sticking with the classics, we ordered a signature Mango Sago and Grapefruit drink, which included layers of fresh mango, small sago pearls, mango juice, and fresh grapefruit on top. This was fantastic fresh, but even better when it melted a little and you could mix it all together.

There are numerous other kinds of desserts here too, like assorted mochi, fruit tarts, Hong Kong-style stuffed pancakes, dome mousse cakes, and Cantonese “soup” desserts with grass jelly ā€“ the options at this little cafe really are endless.

Daryn Wright/Daily Hive

It’s no wonder that this spot, which used to only be available at the Richmond Night Market, has become a favourite among locals looking for something a little sweet.

You’ll find Mango Yummy open most weekdays from 2:30 pm to 7 pm and on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 2:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Mango Yummy

Address:Ā 8271 Westminster Highway, Richmond

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