A Whole Mango: Food court bubble tea spot specializes in mango drinks

May 27 2022, 10:48 pm

Sometimes you can find the best little spots tucked away in unassuming mall food courts.

From coffee shops to Japanese tempura restaurants, the mall food court is the place to go for some seriously great eats (and drinks).

Hidden inside the Yaohan Centre – a hub for Asian shops and eateries in Richmond – is a very specific kind of treat kiosk: A Whole Mango.

Very aptly named, A Whole Mango serves up bubble tea and fresh fruit mango drinks made with – you guessed it – an entire mango.

The spot offers other types of bubble tea drinks, but its specialty is its mango-forward drinks.

The menu features six different types of mango drinks, including the mango jasmine (with jasmine tea, crystal jellies, and white pearls), mango yogurt, mango snow, and the mango lover (with coconut milk, sago, and grapefruit).

Each drink really does use an entire fresh mango, making them a bit of a healthier, less-sweet choice than a lot of other boba drinks.

The kiosk also delivers through Uber Eats if you live in Richmond and can’t get to the food court in person.

A Whole Mango

Address: Floor 1 Yaohan Centre, 3700 No. 3 Road, Richmond


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