This intersection is still the most dangerous in Vancouver

Jun 1 2023, 9:47 pm

Last year, we plotted the 10 most dangerous intersections to drive in Vancouver according to ICBC‘s data from 2016 to 2020. We took a look at the new figure from 2021 to see where drivers should keep their eyes peeled.

Knight Street Bridge continues to reign as Vancouver’s most dangerous traffic intersection.

The off-ramp at Knight Street Bridge and South East Marine Drive, on the other hand, saw a massive drop in crash count after a major upgrade in 2018.

Plotted in the map below are the top 10 most accident-prone spots in Vancouver in 2021, the most dangerous marked with red/orange tags and the spot new to the list labelled with a purple tag.

Despite the shakeup in ranking, there has been a decrease in clashes at almost all the accident-prone spots. This includes the newbie to the list — the intersection at East 41st Avenue and Knight Street.

Among them, the off-ramp at Knight Street Bridge and South East Marine saw the biggest plunge in accident numbers.

The intersection received a major upgrade from 2016 to 2018, reconfiguring traffic signals and eliminating left turns at the intersection.

Crash count fell from 263 in 2017 to 132 in 2019, and has stayed below 100 since 2020.

Knight Street Bridge is the only trouble spot, with an increased crash count in 2021 compared to the five-year average between 2017 and 2020.

The major roadway between Vancouver and Richmond is no stranger to major accidents, from a tractor-trailer slamming into an overpass to a driver hitting the cement guardrail.

Authorities have announced rehabilitation work to the bridge through 2023, but there has been no information on enhancements that aim to reduce collisions.

ICBC also released data on the top factors contributing to fatal crashes across the province.

Distraction surpassed speeding as the most common reason for deadly accidents, though more people die from speeding-related collisions.

ICBC BC crash


Have you had a dangerous experience at one of these intersections before? Did you observe a growing number of drivers distracted by mobile devices? Let us know at

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