These 10 intersections are the most dangerous in Vancouver (MAP)

May 10 2022, 7:01 pm

For drivers to stay as safe as possible on the roads, they need to know where the trouble spots are.

ICBC has a variety of statistics available online for the public to see on accidents and collisions all around BC.

So, we wanted to see which intersections in Vancouver were the most accident-prone so we knew where to keep our eyes peeled when we are using the road.

We took a look at ICBC’s data for Vancouver and plotted the 10 most dangerous places to drive in Vancouver based on the number of crashes that occurred between 2016 and 2020.

  1. Knight Street Bridge – 1,181 crashes
  2. Boundary Road and Grandview Highway On-ramp – 1,138 crashes
  3. Boundary Road and Kingsway Turning Lane – 881 crashes
  4. Ironworkers Memorial Bridge – 821 crashes
  5. Knight Street Bridge and South East Marine Drive Off-Ramp – 800 crashes
  6. Lions Gate Bridge – 674 crashes
  7. Granville Street and West 41st Avenue – 632 crashes
  8. Main Street and Terminal Avenue – 613 crashes
  9. Granville Street, West 16th Avenue and Marpole Avenue – 575 crashes
  10. Clark Drive and East 1st Avenue on the Grandview Viaduct – 544 crashes

As speed-related crashes have been on the rise, ICBC cautioned drivers that an average of “141 speed-related crashes causing injury or death occur every month now through summer.”

“Speeding remains the leading cause of car crash fatalities in BC with eight people, on average, killed in crashes involving speed every month from May through September,” wrote ICBC in a release from May 3, 2022.

So drive within the speed limit and use caution at intersections where you know plenty of accidents have already happened.

Have you had a dangerous experience at one of these intersections before? Let us know at [email protected].

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