8 wild and unique restaurants in Edmonton that totally make sense

Mar 23 2022, 10:31 pm

There are some incredibly unique restaurants in Edmonton; you just need to know where to find them.

Tired of the same old spots? Love your favourites, but looking for something different?

We’ve got you covered.

Here are a few of the most unique and weird restaurants in Edmonton.



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GRETA bar is an absolute blast of a time, and it is entirely unique because it has arcade and sports games, a street food-inspired menu, and a downstairs that’s more like a DJ club on the weekends. This is definitely one of the fun spots in Calgary.

Address: 10141 109th Street NW, Edmonton


The Craft and Cork


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The food and drink menus here are delightful, but the vibe is uniquely scary. The theme is one that celebrates all that is horror, from the terrifying menu item names to the nightmarish decor. The Craft and Cork series is definitely a real scream.

Address: 10314 82nd Avenue, Edmonton


Rockin’ Robyn’s

This diner spot probably wasn’t too weird…60 years ago. This is a locally owned diner with a retro ’60s theme that feels like you’re walking through a time machine. The decor, the food, and the service remind us of a nostalgic time when things were simpler.

Address: 16604 109th Avenue NW, Edmonton


The Rec Room


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The Rec Room is pretty recognizable at this point, with so many locations opening across Canada. That may mean it’s no longer quite as weird or unique, but it’s so massive and fun that we feel it still makes the list.

Address: 1725 99th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 8882 170th Street NW #2065, Edmonton


The Captain’s Boil

Especially being so far from the ocean, The Captain’s Boil is definitely a unique dining experience in Edmonton. It’s also a completely weird (but fun) way to eat. Here, you simply choose your “catch.” You choose your flavours, spice levels, and then your sides, and then bags and plates of delicious shrimp, lobster, clams, and much more are tossed straight on the paper-covered table for you to pick at.

Address: 2051 98th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 12320 137th Avenue NW, Edmonton


The Hexagon Board Game Cafe

This one is probably the most well known in the city, with locations both in Calgary and Edmonton. Hexagon offers players a wide assortment of games, as well as refreshments. Food, coffee, beer, and wine can all be enjoyed while you’re playing your favourite board game.

Address: 10750 Whyte Avenue, Edmonton


Waffle Bird


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A hip speakeasy is wild and unique enough, especially when it specializes in chicken and waffles. The chicken sandwiches are as fun to eat as the names indicate, like the BangCock Dangerous, with sweet chilies and homemade slaw. What also makes the Waffle Bird one of the most unique restaurants in Edmonton is its creation of the woahnut.

Address: 8116 101st Street NW, Edmonton


D Spot Dessert Cafe

The social-media-worthy dishes here are exciting enough, but what makes it such a blast is the over 100 different dessert options to choose from. The menu is enormous, with eye-popping sweet treats and incredible savoury ones as well. Most restaurants have a dessert menu, but this wild spot specializes and thrives on sweet treats. Normalize eating your dessert first!

Address: 3803 Calgary Trail NW #540, Edmonton


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