D Spot Dessert Cafe has opened its first Edmonton location

Feb 1 2022, 9:40 pm

Here to help you with all of your pizza and sweet tooth cravings is Edmonton’s first D Spot Dessert Cafe location.

This hugely popular spot for savoury and sweet dishes started in 2014 and has expanded incredibly quickly, with 11 spots in Ontario, three in Calgary, and 10 more coming soon.

The social-media-worthy dishes here are a perfect date idea, an exciting spot to bring the kids or just a place to satisfy all of your cravings in one place.

The menu is enormous, with eye-popping sweet treats and incredible savoury ones as well.

There are skillet cookies that come with different toppings, ice cream, and more, as well as over 15 different kinds of cake, like the funfetti and sticky toffee butter cake.

Over 30 different kinds of milkshakes are offered on the menu here, from classics that come with your choice of whip cream to original creations, like the chocolate monkey.

There’s an endless amount of other dessert creations, too, with all types of combinations of pancakes, waffles, ice cream, fruit, and more.

Usually, a food spot that does something so well, like D Spot does with desserts, will focus on that specialty. But this menu has burgers, sausages, poutine, and eight different kinds of original pizzas, like steak and cheese or butter chicken.

The D Spot Dessert Cafe will likely change the way you look at desserts, so visit the new spot for good tastes and good times.

D Spot Dessert Cafe Edmonton

Address: 3803 Calgary Trail NW #540, Edmonton


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