Over 15 of the best places to grab a burger in Edmonton (MAP)

Mar 21 2022, 6:13 pm

How many of Edmonton’s best burger spots have you checked out?

It can be hard to keep track of where to go, where to go first, how to save the best for last, or even where you’ve already been. There are also plenty of upscale restaurants that offer an amazing burger.

Sure, scavenger hunts and treasure maps are fun for a bit, but we’ve got the real trail for you to follow.

We have designed a map highlighting the best places to sink your teeth into the very best burgers across the city.

Check out all of the restaurants included in Edmonton’s best burger trail.

The Next Act


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This joint has seven different types of burgers, made with homemade patties, all the groceries, and several with interesting toppings like crunchy peanut butter or habanero cream cheese.

Address: 8224 104th Street NW, Edmonton


Jack’s Burger Shack

Jack’s currently has nearly a dozen burgers to choose from on its menu, and they all come in monstrous sizes.

Address: 10354 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


Three Foodies


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The chicken pot poutine is a fan favourite, and if you’re brave enough, you can order the Da Mammoth Burger. This one sandwich has pulled pork, roast beef, bacon, and four mozzarella sticks, so be very hungry when you arrive.

Address: 10344 105th Street NW, Edmonton


Wayback Burgers

This popular global brand makes amazing burgers with regional favourites. The best way to go is to take advantage of the personalized way to craft your own burger however you’d like.

Address: 10412 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton


Woodshed Burgers


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There are more than 10 burgers on the menu at this spot. The beef is fresh ground daily, the buns are baked by Bonton Bakery every morning, and all of the condiments are made in-house.

Address: 10723 124th Street, Edmonton


Home and Away

The sports and games are fantastic at this newly opened bar, but it’s the food that brings people back for every event. The menu features sporty comfort fare with fun twists, including inventive tacos, pizzas, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and of course, burgers.

Address: 10363 104th Street NW, Edmonton



It’s a chain we all know, and it continues to grow across Canada because of just how surprisingly great the food is. From the signature classics to the specialty creations, the burgers here are as huge as they are tasty.

Address: 1755 102nd Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 15987 97th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 11525 104th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Address: 3376 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton

Address: 8882 170th Street NW #1602, Edmonton

Address: 16952 107th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Address: 300 E Lapotac Boulevard, Edmonton

Address: 14111 23rd Avenue NW, Edmonton


Five Guys


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Five Guys burgers are made fresh to order every time, with so many extra topping options that you can use your wildest imagination to make what is probably the best chain burger out there.

Address: 10161 13th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Address: 5015 101st Avenue NW Unit 110, Edmonton

Address: 15420 37th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 6222 Currents Drive NW, Edmonton


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