6 best things to do in Edmonton on a Halloween date

Oct 13 2021, 6:11 pm

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Dates on holidays are truly something special, whether it’s with a longtime spouse or a first date. A date on Halloween too? Now that is truly memorable.

From more of the simple, classic options all the way to some scary adventures, here are some things to do in Edmonton on a Halloween date.

Visit Deadmonton

Deadmonton haunted


Looking for a good scare for you and your date? Deadmonton has you covered, with two spooky haunted houses that will send chills down your spine. This year’s themes are Warped, the main haunted house in the warehouse inside, and Dusk-Rise of the Dead, an outdoor, New Orleans-inspired cemetery.

Visit DARK

Fort Edmonton Park


Fort Edmonton Park is transformed into DARK, featuring spooky characters, like a killer clown and his evil minions, or blood-thirsty killers in the deserted countryside. Entrance to each of the haunts is first come, first served, so be sure to arrive early to catch each haunt at your own pace.

Go on a Haunted Tour

Ghost Tours

Edmonton Ghost Tours

Looking for a little fright and a history lesson at the same time? There are three ghost tours running in Edmonton that would be perfect for a Halloween date.

From a ghostly walk through old historical Strathcona to a haunted hike and history lesson at the University of Alberta, these tours are sure to cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up a little.

With the three haunted tours to check out, check in with your date on which one you would like to do. And be sure to hold hands, in case one of you gets scared.

Carve Some Pumpkins

Halloween date

Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock

There’s nothing more classic than carving a pumpkin on Halloween night, is it? It’s equal parts romantic and horror vibes. Will Michael Meyers show up and give you a scare? Let’s hope not. So run to the store and grab those pumpkins, throw on a horror movie and get to carving. What a lovely night!

Catch a Horror Film at Metro Cinema

Halloween date


With the horror classics to the new favourites, Metro Cinema never disappoints during spook season with its lineup of Halloween flicks. From iconic slashers like Scream to Hocus Pocus and Candyman, a date at the movies is always romantic. The added risk of a fright or two just makes it that much better!

Spooky Orchestra in a Cabin

orchestra cabin Edmonton


A spooky orchestra playing iconic horror pieces in a candlelit cabin? Now THAT is one heck of a date. Pioneers Cabin will play host to Candlelight Halloween: A Haunted Evening of Classical Compositions on Halloween night, with the orchestra performing for about an hour playing horror classics like “Halloween (Theme)” by John Carpenter and “This Is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Danny Elfman.

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