8 best Edmonton-themed costumes for this year's Halloween

Oct 31 2023, 2:52 pm

Looking to stand out at this year’s Halloween party? Here are eight Edmonton things you could dress up as for Halloween and get some props for creativity.

From the great McDavid to the cool McFly, there are some sweet Edmonton-connected costumes you could put together this Halloween.

The Southeast Valley LRT


What better way to celebrate the long-overdue Southeast Valley LRT Line being close to opening than suiting up and dressing as the train for Halloween? Find a cardboard box and some blue, black and white paint, and use straps to hold up the ensemble. This costume will certainly be a hit; just make sure there aren’t any vehicles in your way.

The guy who got stuck inside the Talus Dome

Wakeem Courtoreille/Facebook │ @cwks/Instagram

Edmontonians lost their minds earlier this year when a guy became trapped inside of the Talus Dome. You’ll be the talk of the town once again in this shiny silver number! You could try some balloons, or maybe if you have some old silver Christmas ornaments sitting around, use them. Who doesn’t love a recycled look?

Connor McDavid

NHL Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

A hero for many Edmontonians, dressing up as Connor McDavid would surely score some points for any Oilers fan. It honestly wouldn’t even be that difficult of a costume either, and who doesn’t want to be able to make some McJesus references all night?

A traffic cone

Edmonton Halloween


It’s something that frustrates any driver, and construction season in Edmonton seems to go 356 days a year. So why not make a little fun of it by dressing up as a traffic cone for Halloween this year? A little bit of laughter may help relieve the pent-up frustration from all the traffic jams that you experience the rest of the year.

A pothole

pothole Montreal


This one may need a little bit of creativity to pull off, but going as a pothole for Halloween in Edmonton would signal that you know the frustrations of many city drivers. Our suggestion: purchase an insulation board from a hardware store and spray paint it grey. Then paint some centre lines on the side. Cut out a hole for your face to pop through, and bam. You are now a much-despised pothole.

Michael J. Fox


Michael J. Fox (IMDb.com)

One of Edmonton’s most beloved exports, Michael J. Fox’s role in the Back to the Future trilogy as Marty McFly cemented him as one of the greatest movie characters of all time. It’s a cool and trendy costume. All you need is some blue jeans, a jean jacket, and a puffy red jacket, and you are well on your way to mirroring his Marty McFly character. However, getting your hands on a pair of Nike MAG shoes will be difficult.

The shirtless guitar rollerblading man

The title sounds made up and fake for those outside of the city, but the shirtless guitar rollerblading man has become an Edmonton legend over the years, spotted just blading around, playing some tunes, and shirtless, of course. It’s an instantly recognizable Edmonton-themed Halloween costume, no questions asked.

The Walterdale Bridge

It’s become an iconic landmark in our city in a short amount of time and also can be one heck of a Halloween costume. One Edmontonian completed their own Walterdale Bridge fit in 2017 and went viral in the process. So, if you want to be the bridge, you better get cracking. It may take some time!

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