Edmontonians have lots to say after another car hit a Valley Line LRT train

Mar 29 2023, 6:37 pm

A car has once again collided with the new Valley Line LRT in Edmonton and people have a lot to say about it.

Yesterday afternoon, according to Global News, a taxi made an illegal right turn and collided with a train at the intersection of 83rd Street and 90th Avenue. No injuries were reported.

The southeast line of the LRT, which has been undergoing a trial phase, has seen multiple accidents and near-misses with vehicles since it began testing.

In addition, the yet-to-open Valley Line does not have crossing arms, gates, or bells and instead relies on traffic signs when crossing intersections.

“In the past few weeks, TransEd train drivers have seen an increasing number of near-misses and collisions due to motorists not following the NO RIGHT TURN ON RED traffic signals and signs,” TransEd wrote on March 24 following a collision.

“It is important for all road users to ensure they adhere to the rules of the road.”

It turns out that people have quite a bit to say about the entire situation and have turned to Reddit to voice their thoughts. Some attribute the problem to the LRT’s design, while others blame the drivers.

LRT collides with another car
by u/YegThrowawayWasTaken in Edmonton

“Oh, another?! These LRT cars need some extra padding strapped to the front, the bodywork and panels must be pricey! Maybe even some of those big white bumpers you use on a boat?” One user said.

Some wondered about all the expenses these collisions are racking up.

“I wonder how much the insurance pays out to fix a brand-new train. That body damage can’t be cheap,” they said.

In TransEd’s March 24 statement, the company noted that the cost of repairing the trains is covered by insurance, typically the at-fault insured, and taxpayers are not on the hook for the repairs.

Some people have already accepted that train collisions near the Bonnie Doon Mall could be our new reality.

“Sorry, all, I drove past Bonnie Doon and said how proud I was that a car didn’t cause an accident with the LRT today. I should have realized there was still time in the day.”

It is still unclear when the LRT line will be fully operational. After this testing phase, the line must pass independent safety certification before service commences.

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