Simu Liu beefs with Twitter account hacker in hilarious WhatsApp exchange (PHOTOS)

Mar 31 2023, 5:11 pm

Simu Liu is known for being outspoken online.

He’s put some Air Canada staff on blast for being “unpleasant” and “unprofessional” and for calling the west coast “ignorant” when it comes to Jamaican patties.

So, it’s only expected that he publicly drag the person that hacked his Twitter account, one of the Canadian actor’s main platforms to reach the masses.

“So finally regained my account after a week of wrestling with a hacker. Condolences to anyone who tried to buy a $600 Macbook off of ‘me,'” Liu tweeted on Monday.

But that wasn’t the end of his beef with this hacker.

On Thursday, the 2023 Junos host shared screenshots of a hilarious WhatsApp exchange between him and the alleged hacker — and they definitely got into it.

“So the guy who hacked my Twitter reached out over WhatsApp,” he wrote in his Instagram stories.

The screenshot shows the hacker sending a photo of Liu’s Twitter profile with the message: “Hello don’t worry I can give you twitter account at affordable price.”

The time stamp reads March 21.

“Guess that didn’t work out for you huh,” the Barbie star replied. “I’ll take this number and report it tho it’s cool. Go to jail, f**ker.”

“Do you want me to re-login to your account,” the hacker threatened.

simu liu


“Omg please I would love for you to incriminated yourself more,” Liu messaged back sarcastically.

Then the messages turned into grade-school playground level clap backs after the actor said that no one would ever pay the “dumbass” money for the account.

“I have more followers than you,” the hacker messaged.

“I’m not a loser bro 🙂 I do something meaningful with my life,” replied Liu. “I don’t try to scam people for 600 bucks.”

“Get a f**king life bro,” he added.

The hacker then claimed they got $10,000 from the account, to which Liu replied: “I promise you didn’t.”

simu liu


All things considered, the hacker could’ve done more damage, like share offensive tweets, which is what happened to News1130 Traffic’s account a couple of years ago.

Or they could’ve played a fun prank like what happened to this hockey player’s Twitter being turned into a fake Saturday Night Live account.

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