Simu Liu’s Avril Lavigne medley at the Junos made the singer take out her phone (VIDEOS)

Mar 14 2023, 2:55 pm

Simu Liu’s second time hosting the Juno Awards did not disappoint.

The Shang-Chi star showed off his singing chops on Monday night, even grabbing the attention of Canada’s pop-punk princess.

“One of my favourite parts of hosting the show last year was getting to sing an Avril Lavigne song to Avril Lavigne,” says Liu, referring to his hilarious parody of “Complicated.”

“But the producers wouldn’t give me enough time to sing my whole song, so I’m going to do it right here, right now.”

“This one’s for you, Avril,” he adds as the camera cuts to the singer, who pulls out her phone to capture the sweet tribute.

This time around, Liu starts off with his rendition of the classic “Sk8er Boi.”

“You sit at home, she’s at the Junos, could she make it any more obvious?” the Canadian actor sings as Lavigne cutely mouths the lyrics “any more obvious.”

“She’s just a skater girl, you did it, you made it girl! She’ll never come back down to Earth,” he continues. “She’s better than all the boys, she’s Canada’s pride and joy, we’ll always look up to her.”

Liu then starts dancing to the 2009 hit “Girlfriend.” He ends the dance break with a back flip, and the camera cuts to a very impressed Lavigne.

He closes out the delightful tribute by playing guitar and singing “I’m With You” before inviting Lavigne to introduce the next act.

Moments after this, Lavigne was forced to shut down a topless protester.

It was basically a Liu concert as the Barbie star also sang a funny parody of Nickelback’s “Photograph” alongside the band’s guitarist Ryan Peake.

He used the memeified song to make fun of his former career as a stock photo model.

“Look at this photograph; every time I do it makes me sad,” he sings. “Everybody makes fun of them; why the hell did I say yes to that!”

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