D.O.P. restaurant in Calgary is staying where it is for now

Sep 1 2023, 10:25 pm

D.O.P. is a destination spot for the experience just as much as it is for the food.

The team here has found massive success since opening up, landing the number three spot on Canada’s 20 Best New Restaurant list and on our list for our favourite dishes in the city last year. It’s one of the best restaurants in the city.

Back in May of 2023, D.O.P. made the announcement that would be closing its current location at 1005A 1st Street SW because the building was set to be demolished. It was scary news but also bittersweet because it was quickly going to reopen just a few months later and blocks away in the Grain Exchange Building.

It looks like those plans have changed.

The restaurant recently told Dished that even though building J was planned for demolition on November 1, it no longer is. This means the closure and move is off the table — for now.

Ownership told Dished that they would be staying where they were as long as they kept them around. The team wants their guests to know that they will be there for a while.

“We are excited to stay longer in that space that holds so many great memories for us,” D.O.P told Dished.

Dished has reached out to the City of Calgary for comment.


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Fresh ingredients are always used, and in certain dishes, when authentic Italian ingredients must be shipped directly, the team does just that.

The entire menu at D.O.P is family-style Italian food that feels comforting but tastes like fine dining because of the care put into it by the impeccable kitchen.

The meatballs are a family recipe passed down from mom, the spaghetti is hand-rolled, and the antipasti is beautifully designed for communal eating.

Bowls of Calabrian spicy sausage spread, whipped ricotta, pickled green tomatoes, burrata, anchovies, and balsamic marinated eggplant are just a few of the antipasti options that cover the tables here, along with negronis and glasses of wine. All of it is there to be casually picked at, enjoyed with high-quality olive oil and freshly grilled bread.

This intimate Italian joint has superb antipasti options, pasta made in-house, like the hand-rolled spaghetti all gricia, and massive veal chops, all of which we’ve tried, but itā€™s the enormous raviolo thatā€™s the most eye-catching.

Make sure to also check out Pizza Face on 17th Ave from the same team, it’s one of the best spots for pie in the city.

The acronym stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta, or “Protected Designation of Origin” in English. It’s a certification that confirms that the products are locally grown and made, and this restaurant certainly upholds that.


Address: 1005A 1st Street SW, Calgary


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