Calgary's D.O.P. Italian restaurant serves an impossibly big raviolo

Feb 3 2022, 11:30 pm

One of the coolest-looking and best-tasting dishes in Calgary comes out of the recently opened D.O.P. restaurant.

This intimate Italian joint has superb antipasti options, pasta made-in-house, family meatballs, and massive veal chops, but it’s the enormous raviolo that’s the most eye-catching.

Ravioli is a type of pasta made with filling inside a thin pasta dough, and the raviolo at D.O.P. is just one of them, made much bigger than you’re used to.

Filled with egg yolk ricotta and topped with a red wine butter sauce, this pasta dish is just as much fun to cut into as it is to eat.


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This massive raviolo is remarkably simple to make, with a scoop of ricotta, parmesan, cream filling, and a cracked egg placed inside a pasta sheet, sealed, boiled, and served with the red wine butter sauce and grated parmesan.

Cutting into this delicious pasta creation releases the still runny egg and cheese filling for an Instagram-perfect moment of food heaven.

It isn’t just that this raviolo is visually stunning, it’s also delicious, with made-to-order pasta, filling, and sauce all made from scratch.

The entire menu is like this at D.O.P. It’s family-style Italian food that feels comforting but tastes like fine dining because of the care put into it by the impeccable kitchen.

The meatballs are a family recipe passed down from mom, the spaghetti is hand-rolled, and the antipasti is beautifully designed for communal eating.

Calabrian spicy sausage spread, whipped ricotta, pickled green tomatoes, burrata, and more can all be picked at and enjoyed with high-quality olive oil and freshly grilled bread.

The service here is as friendly as the food, so ask for a great wine recommendation, talk about the menu, and definitely order the raviolo with your camera ready.


Address: 1005A 1st Street SW, Calgary


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