Best dog-friendly patios in Calgary

Apr 28 2023, 10:00 pm

Looking for the best dog-friendly patios in Calgary?

There are quite a few eateries in Calgary with dog-friendly services offering your pooch patio privileges, which we love. There are some amazing patios for HUMANS, but sometimes that just isn’t enough.

We don’t like to leave our four-legged friends at home and we know you feel the same. So next time you decide to go out for a coffee or a meal along with your pup, make sure to check out these joints that provide a welcoming space for your pup as you feast on your food.

Here are the best dog-friendly patios in Calgary you need to visit.

Dandy Brewing


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This nano-brewery is known for producing inspired ales in super small batches using naturally conditioned bottles, kegs, and casks. It also has unbelievable pizzas and a fantastic dog-friendly outdoor space.

Address: 2003 11th Street SE, Calgary


33 Acres

Known for its bold black and white designed product, this brewery features a decor of simple aesthetics, as if you’re just steps away from the forests and beaches of the Pacific.

There is space for 40 people and their dogs on the stunning patio space with a fireplace.

Address: 215 11th Avenue SW, Calgary


Bottlescrew Bills

With such a devoted fan base and the same iconic space the city knows and loves, the patio here can’t be missed at the busy intersection. Plus… it’s dog-friendly!

Address: 140 10th Avenue SW, Calgary


Vin Room

Vin Room offers one of the best patio spots around for you and your furry friend. It offers dog-friendly amenities including clean-up stations, water bowls, and even dog beds. It also has a three-course treat box available for your furry friend. Your pup is welcome to join you at the patio in any of its locations.

Address: 8561 8A Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 587-353-8812

Address: 2310 4th Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-457-5522

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Una Pizza + Wine


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Una Pizza and Wine has a street-side patio where you and your furry friend can hang out while you enjoy some pizza and wine. You’re also able to request a water bowl for your pup and staff will happily oblige.

Address: 618 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-453-1183

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Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co.

Ol’ Beautiful Brewing has a spacious outdoor layout that’s perfect for you and your dog. The outdoor patio resembles a nice picnic park and with enough pooches around, it’s almost like a dog park.

Address: 1103 12th Street SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-453-2739

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One Night Stan’s


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Located on the sunny strip of 17th Avenue, One Night Stan’s offered the very first dog-friendly patio in this neighbourhood. The staff loves seeing your furry friends come by so much that they created a hashtag for their social media called #diverydogs.

Address: 520 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-452-4407

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The Beltliner


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The Beltliner is another joint that has a dog-friendly patio. Bring your pooch with you as you eat and drink your way through the most important meal of the day. You can also ask the staff for a doggy treat, or purchase the two-course dog menu for your furry friend.

Address: 243 12th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 587-955-1555

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Marda Loop Brewing Company Inc.

If you feel like going for a beer after your doggy walk, or just because, Marda Loop Brewing Company has a street-side, dog-friendly patio that is very clean and accessible for anyone who wants to bring their furry friend out for a drink.

Address: 3523 18th Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-764-7008

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Cold Garden Beverage Company


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Cold Garden is one of Calgary’s most popular joints that’s very pet-friendly. It doesn’t have a patio; however, your furry friend can come inside the bar to hang with you all year round. You can also bring snacks for you and your pup as you sip on its locally brewed beer.

Address: 1100 11th Street SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-764-2653

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Fionn MacCool’s Beltline

The Beltline location of Fionn MacCool’s offers not only a dog-friendly patio but also a pup-friendly menu. With items for your furry friend like the salmon fillet, puppy power bowl, grilled chicken, and much more, your dog will leave completely relaxed and full.

Address: 1249 11th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 587774-4411

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Embarcadero Wine & Oyster Bar


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Embarcadero Wine and Bar has two patios and luckily, one of them is dog-friendly. You can bring your pooch along with you to hang out as you indulge in some wine from the wide list of options, as well as East and West Coast oysters.

Address: 208 17th Avenue SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-263-0848

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Container Bar


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Container Bar, located in an alley at Kensington Road, is another joint that has a dog-friendly patio. You can enjoy the happy hour drinks while hanging with your little pooch by your side.

Address: 1131 Kensington Road NW, Calgary
Phone: 403-457-4148

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