10 best restaurants when dining out alone in Calgary

May 31 2023, 10:30 pm

Eating alone doesn’t have to feel lonely.

There are plenty of reasons why you might be eating at a restaurant alone. Maybe you’re from out of town, or you were stood up, or maybe you just felt like doing it.

Luckily, there are several Calgary restaurants that were not necessarily designed for solo dining, but they’re perfect for it. You won’t even feel the need to stare at your phone in these beautiful rooms with their excellent food dishes.

Here are nine of the best Calgary restaurants for eating alone. Some of them are even the best in the city.



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One of the best date spots in Calgary, Proof is also an amazing place to take yourself for a romantic night out. Seating at the bar is a great place to post up and watch these bartenders do their thing. Enjoy the excitement, or strike up a conversation with one of the friendly staff members who love talking about food and drink.

Address: 1302 1st Street SW, Calgary


Free House


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One of the coolest spots in the city, this menu feels like a fine-dining chef decided to chase their passion for running a pub. It also has one of the coolest rooftop and street patios in the summer. The solo tables and the bar itself are in the middle of the action, so don’t feel uneasy about walking in solo.

Address: 1153 Kensington Crescent NW, Calgary


First Street Market

The First Street Market is technically more than one single restaurant, but that’s exactly why it’s so great to go alone. There are quiet nooks to work in, high-ups in the main dining area with big screens, and a bar top to grab a drink. With so many options, you can also order from several different spots selfishly and without judgment.

Address: 1327 1st Street SW, Calgary


Sidewalk Citizen

Each Sidewalk Citizen location offers the solo diner a different experience. The Simmons location is a great coffee spot and bakery with seats and tables. Sunnyside only had a couple of seats, but the city’s best pizza by the slice means grabbing some great food designed for one person.

Any of the locations make a great lunch spot for individual diners.

Address: 340 13th Avenue SW, Calgary

Address:Ā 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary

Address: 338 10th Street NW, Calgary


Shiki Menya


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Shiki Menya is incredibly popular, which means it’s incredibly busy. Coming here anytime after opening with a group usually means a wait. A life hack to this is just going alone and trying to squeeze into the space to enjoy these amazing bowls of ramen. It can also be pretty messy and slurpy, so some would rather dive in alone.

Address: 824 1st Avenue NE, Calgary




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Pigeonhole is a warm and inviting room that welcomes large groups and solo diners alike. Sit at any of the smaller tables or the bar, with small plates that are great for trying a few things by yourself. Try the beef tartare, whipped foie gras, or just dive into a few hot dogs.

Address: 306 17th Avenue SW, Calgary




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Simply put, DOP has one of the friendliest staff and also one of the best authentic Italian food menus. You’re never really alone here in the small space, with tables, a bar, and a kitchen within arm’s reach. This is a vibrant space, so if you want peace and quiet, maybe skip this spot. If you want solo fun and great food, this is the place.

Address: 1005A 1st Street SW, Calgary


Alumni Sandwiches


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The combo of soup, salad, and sandwiches has been a solo diner staple since the dawn of lunch, and Alumni is one of the best spots in the city. The tables are small, and the bartop is welcoming. It’s a quiet space with amazing food, so stop by, turn off your phone, and enjoy the meal.

Address: 725 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Sukiyaki House


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Sushi, tempura, soup, noodle bowls — all great dishes for eating alone. Order whatever you want and how much you want at Sukiyaki House, one of Calgary’s best Japanese restaurants. The room is large, open, and understated, and the excellent service is perfectly suited for all types of dining, including lonely ones.

Address: 207 9th Avenue SW #130, Calgary


Ten Foot Henry


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One of the nicest rooms in Calgary, eating alone here never feels awkward, at a table or the bar. There are tons of veggie options and meat options; just make sure you order the tomato dish. Eating solo means you never have to share any of it.

Address: 1209 1st Street SW, Calgary


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