Here are the campaign platforms for Alberta's main political parties

Apr 3 2019, 10:29 pm

The 2019 Alberta provincial election is right around the corner, and advance voting is starting even sooner.

While there’s nothing worse than not voting at all, an uninformed vote is only marginally better — which means that you’ve got some homework to do before filling out that ballot and helping decide what kind of Alberta you’ll live in for what will likely be the next four years.

Take a look below at a few of the bullet points for each major Albertan political party’s platform, and click the links to do some deeper research on each of their respective websites.

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New Democratic Party


Alberta Premier Rachel Notley (Government of Alberta)

Over the past few weeks, NDP leader and current Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has promised an increase in $25-a-day child care spaces throughout the province, new flood mitigation for Calgary, and a $1.3 billion investment in upgrading and construction schools.

The NDP also plans to add 2,000 more long-term-care beds in Alberta to the tune of $170 million, and a $1.35 billion investment in expanding the province’s high-load corridor.

United Conservative Party


Jason Kenney / Twitter

UCP Leader Jason Kenney has stated that, if elected, he would abolish the carbon tax, promote the natural resource sector, and make some major changes to Alberta’s education system.

A freeze of the health care budget would be put into place, $40 million over four years would be put towards an opioid response strategy, the minimum wage would be brought down to $13 an hour, and the corporate tax rate would drop to 8% from 12% over four years under a UCP government.

Alberta Party


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Leader Stephen Mandel has announced that his party would make vaccinations mandatory for children enrolled in publicly-funded schools in response to the recent outbreak of measles seen here in Canada and around the world.

Alberta Party would also bring down the corporate tax rate, though just by 2%, leaving it at 10%. A $5-a-day childcare maximum would be set for families who make less than $50,000 a year, and the minimum wage would be left where it is at $15 an hour.

Alberta Liberal Party


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David Khan, the leader of the Alberta Liberal Party, has announced that his party would lower the prices on dental care throughout the province through $50 million in funding, invest over $600 million in mental health and addictions treatment, and reduce the current employment rate by creating an $80 million Back To Work Grand Fund so that 32,000 out-of-work Albertans could receive $2,5000 to help them get back into the work-force.

Personal taxes would be cut for anyone earning under $57,250, renewed support for the Trans Mountain Pipeline would be put forward, and an immediate ban on conversion therapy in Alberta would be put into place if the Alberta Liberals came out on top in the 2019 election.

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There’s just one week to go until advance ballots are cast for the provincial election, so make sure you know who — and what — you’re actually voting for.