Alberta provincial election officially called for this April

Mar 19 2019, 5:05 pm

It’s official, Albertans will be heading to the polls on Tuesday, April 16.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley made the announcement in front of a Calgary crowd and Facebook Live viewers on Tuesday, stating that an order had been approved and signed earlier that morning to call an election that will be held in 28 days’ time.

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“Good morning everybody, hello Alberta, hello Calgary. My friends, it is time for an election. Are you ready? My name is Rachel Notley and I am running to be your premier, again,” she said.

“I am pleased to announce that Albertans will go to the polls on April 16.”

Given the timing of the last election back in 2015, Notley had until Friday, May 3 to call an election within 28 days’ time, as the last day it could have been held was on May 31.

With the announcement, Notley has pushed the provincial election a month and a half earlier than that deadline, putting extra pressure on election campaigns that are currently underway across the province.

“So, my friends, are you ready to find for an Alberta for everyone? Are you ready to fight for strong public healthcare for patients and good schools for our kids? And are you ready to fight for an Alberta where it doesn’t matter who you love, to whom you pray, or the colour of your skin?”

Notley also briefly alluded to the act of terrorism committed by a white supremacist in New Zealand less than one week ago.

“Are you ready to fight for an Alberta where there’s no place for racism or white nationalism, where the only thing that matters is the content of your character? Are you ready to fight for an Alberta where we bring people together, not where we push them apart? And do you want to keep Alberta one Alberta moving forward together?” she asked.

“Well so do I, and friends, I can’t wait for the campaign ahead.”

Notley’s full announcement can be found below: