Canadian restaurant chain starts petition to have poutine emoji created

Mar 20 2019, 1:44 am

Real poutine fans know the pain of trying to express your hungry, textual excitement by using a french fry AND a cheese emoji.

It’s just not the same.

Thankfully, Valentine’s restaurants are ahead of the curds curve.

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The Quebec-based fast food chain has started an online petition to officially launch a poutine emoji on all virtual platforms, which they will present to theĀ Unicode Consortium.

“Poutine is a dish beloved by Canada. From family outings to late night bites, this trio of fresh fries, rich gravy and squeaky cheese curds quickly becomes a favourite to all who try it,” reads the online petition. “Sadly, the people of Canada cannot virtually express their love for poutine. To this day, there is no poutine emoji, and there has yet to be a formal request for one ā€“ talk about a bitter curd to swallow.”

The petition originally wanted 1,500 signatures and at the time of writing, was only 14 signatures away from reaching the goal.

Speaking of signatures, how could the official emoji library have a sweet potato icon but not one for Canada’s national dish?

“On behalf of all the people of Canada, letā€™s all pass this hot potato on, because itā€™s time our texts got a little bit cheesier,” concluded the petition.


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Before the petition gets to 1,500 signatures, check out the campaign online. If it’s already full (poutine fans know a thing or two about being full), we’ll just have to leave our hopes to the higher powers above and hope everything comes up gravy.

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