Snapshots: Sedins' last Canucks home game to re-air this weekend

Apr 2 2020, 7:26 pm

Saturday is going to be a loaded day for Vancouver Canucks hockey, as Sportsnet has a jam-packed lineup of classic games on the schedule.

I know — this is what we have left to get excited about now.

Let’s take a look at what to watch this weekend, as well as some fun things that happened this week, in this edition of Snapshots.

Canucks classics

Henrik and Daniel Sedin’s final game at Rogers Arena didn’t mean much in the standings, but it was one of the most meaningful games in Canucks history.

I know it’s a game I’ll never forget.

Fans serenaded Henrik and Daniel with chants such as “go Sedins go” and “Hall of Fame,” with multiple spontaneous standing ovations mixed in between. And of course the game had a storybook ending. That game is re-airing Saturday at 6 pm on Sportsnet Pacific.

You know what game I’m more interested to see, though? Canucks-Rangers, Game 7, from 1994.

As sick and twisted as it may be to want to rewatch one of the most devastating losses in Canucks history, that 1994 run was special.

Game 7 was epic too, just make sure to turn it off before the final minute of play.

If you’re not satisfied by that, you can relive more painful memories by watching the Canucks’ last playoff game from 2015 on Sunday.

Here’s your TV guide for this weekend:

Saturday, April 4

3 pm PT — Canucks vs Rangers Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Final (Sportset ONE)

4 pm PT — Bo Horvat’s first hat trick vs Red Wings on Oct 22, 2019 (Sportsnet Pacific)

6 pm PT — Sedins last home game vs Arizona on Apr 5, 2018 (Sportsnet Pacific)

9 pm PT — Bo Horvat’s first hat trick vs Red Wings on Oct 22, 2019 (Sportsnet Pacific)

Sunday, April 5

9:30 pm PT — Canucks vs Flames Game 6 first-round series from 2015 (Sportsnet)

Tryamkin watch

From everything his agent has been saying for months, it certainly seems likely that Nikita Tryamkin will return to the NHL next season.

But don’t expect him to sign a contract anytime soon.

Until next season’s salary cap becomes clear, teams would be smart to hold off signing players. That’s especially true for a relatively unknown commodity like Tryamkin.

Well done @Canucks

Is Roberto Luongo running the Canucks’ Twitter account these days? This was a hilarious public service announcement:

Checking in on JT Miller

Like Bo Horvat before him, JT Miller met with the media via a video chat this week.

Speaking from his couch in Vancouver, Miller let everyone know how he’s keeping busy these days.

My favourite question for hockey players these days is who they’d most and least like to be quarantined with among their teammates.

This was his answer:

“I definitely don’t want to be quarantined with Antoine Roussel,” Miller said without hesitation. “Is this going to be made public? Because if he finds out that I said him, then he’ll know why.”

“Rous knows. Rous knows.”

Roussel’s response?

Miller said he would most want to be quarantined with Jordie Benn, Chris Tanev, or Tyler Myers.

His reason for Myers was because “he’s so funny, he could keep you entertained the whole quarantine.”

Who knew Myers was funny?

Enough with the bowling

Another fun moment from Miller’s interview was being asked a question about his love for bowling.

Here’s what he said:

“I told one guy that I bowled in my free time and this has become quite the thing. I have not bowled in probably a year and a half. I haven’t been in the bowling league back home since I had kids.”

There you have it.

Wholesome content

Tanner Pearson playing hockey with his baby will put a smile on your face. Just listen to that laugh!


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Good news for Ferland

He wouldn’t be suiting up for games even if the season was still going, but it was nice to see this report from TSN 1040’s Rick Dhaliwal indicating that Micheal Ferland is symptom-free in regards to concussions.

Bieksa TikTok update

And finally, thank you Kevin Bieksa for discovering TikTok. Seriously, every single one of them have been outstanding.


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What would we do without Kevin Bieksa’s TikTok? . 🎥: @kevin_bieksa3 #canucks #dailyhiveoffside

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