Kesler and Bieksa dancing with their kids will brighten your day (VIDEOS)

Mar 25 2020, 4:28 pm

With everyone spending more time indoors with their respective families these days, one thing’s for certain: we’ve all become dancing fools.

Personally, I blame TikTok, but who can resist a good dance challenge?

Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa have taken to the popular social media platform recently, taking a break from their hit podcast to provide fans with a different form of entertainment. The popular former Vancouver Canucks (yes, we can call Kesler “popular” again) have been dancing up a storm with their kids, and the results are outstanding.

With a fresh new haircut, Bieksa and his daughter nailed this routine today:

Meanwhile, Kesler has been laying down some moves with his three kids in Michigan.

The Bieksas have also participated in some impressive displays of athleticism. Here’s Kevin and his wife, Katie, completing the Koala Challenge:

While this TikTok challenge was completed flawlessly:

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Kevin discovered TikTok. 🙈

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