Piers Morgan criticizes Trudeau's handling of "peaceful protest" where literal Nazi flags were spotted (VIDEO)

Feb 22 2022, 10:07 pm

British TV personality and renowned bandwagoner Piers Morgan had some choice words about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Fox News this past weekend.

On February 19, Morgan made a guest appearance on the channel’s morning show, Fox and Friends, to chat about his upcoming Fox Nation show and offer his thoughts on current global events. This included Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” protests and Trudeau’s approach to managing them.

“I’ve been on his case for years,” Morgan begins within seconds of one of the hosts bringing Trudeau up. “This is a guy who said we can’t use the word ‘mankind’ anymore because it’s offensive — because it has the word ‘man’ in it.”

In February of 2018, the 56-year-old wrote an extensive op-ed after Trudeau’s comments on using the word “mankind.” As it appears, that was not enough to get his thoughts across. “I didn’t like to tell him the word ‘woman’ has the word ‘man’ in it because that would have been too complicated for his woke brain,” he added.

Morgan proceeds to call Trudeau the “king awoken,” likening him to Megan Markle, who he refers to as the queen in the context, and has a history of being disrespectful towards. His comments on the Duchess of Sussex led to his separation from ITV’s Good Morning Britain just under a year ago.

“These are shocking scenes. This should not be happening,” he says regarding the “Freedom Convoy” protests. However, he isn’t talking about what the protestors have done but the actions taken by the Canadian government to control them.

Red-faced with anger, Morgan says Trudeau has no idea how to lead his country “through what is, ostensibly, a peaceful protest by people who have a legitimate cause,” referring to the demonstrations where multiple Nazi flags were spotted.

“I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of what they’re saying, but I absolutely defend to death their right to protest in the way that they’ve been doing,” he says of the protests that have led to hundreds of arrests, reports of harassment, arson allegations, racist attacks, bomb threats, and more.

“I think that Trudeau, by bringing emergency powers and having the police rounding them all up like it’s some fascist state…this is what I’m talking about; this is a form of fascism going on.”

Morgan adds that Trudeau “professes to be the most liberal guy you’d ever meet in your life,” but is “behaving like a fascist.”

He wraps up his comments by shedding light on “the woke movement.” He says, “The woke brigade — they say they stand for tolerance, fairness, equality, and liberalism, and they behave in a completely different manner.”

“If you go and talk to Canadians now, it’s not just the conservative right who are complaining about this — a lot of people on the left are saying, ‘This is ridiculous; how can this be happening in our country?'” the longtime UK resident claims.

“And this is what happens when you have a very woke who doesn’t understand actually how to govern a country properly, and I think it’s a shambles to watch.”

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