"Get earplugs": Ottawans have a warning as Freedom Convoy expected in Toronto

Feb 3 2022, 5:39 pm

The so-called “Freedom Convoy” is making its way to Toronto and is expected to arrive this weekend.

While members truck on, sleepless residents of Ottawa, barely recovering from the demonstrations in their city, have some words of advice for Torontonians about the ear-splitting noise problem the truckers are bringing with them.

“I’ve lived with the so-called “freedom” convoy for the last few days and I would like to issue a warning to my fellow Canadians in Toronto,” one Reddit post begins. “If you live near Queens Park, I’m talking anywhere within like a 2-mile radius; get earplugs because these f*ckers are on some next level sh*t with the air horns and the train horns.”

The person also stressed that Torontonians try to protect their pets from the trauma of the noise: “If you have pets, you might wanna think about going to visit family for the weekend. I honestly think my cat might be deaf now, no f*cking joke.”

The replies to the Reddit post are filled with others echoing the same experience, and it has has been upvoted over 2,000 times in 13 hours.

Ottawa Police revealed on Thursday morning that they laid eight charges for “unnecessary noise (honking of horns)” among multiple other charges, such as transporting dangerous goods (insecure fuel cans), disobeying traffic signs, speeding, and document offences. One driver was charged for driving while criminally prohibited and had their vehicle impounded.

Concerns are rising about how the blaring horns and blockades caused by the Freedom Convoy will affect hospitals near Toronto’s Queen’s Park.

Caryma Sa’ad, a lawyer based in Toronto, shared a photo of a message posted on a pole in an Ottawa’s Centretown neighbourhood. The all-caps message is a desperate plea.


Sa’ad agrees with the sentiment. “I will corroborate the complaint about constant honking as noise pollution and psychological warfare,” she wrote. “It is not ‘peaceful’ in any sense of the word.”

So far, Ottawa Police have arrested three individuals in relation to the demonstration.

Matthew Dorken, 29, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with mischief under $5,00o. The mischief to property occurred on Saturday. Andre J. Lacasse, 37, was charged with carrying a weapon to a public meeting. On Wednesday, a 48-year-old man was arrested for making threats on social media while he was in Ottawa.

On Thursday morning, Toronto Mayor John Tory made a public statement regarding the Freedom Convoy.

“I support Toronto Police taking necessary action to prepare for this possible protest with a focus on doing everything they can to protect the safety of Toronto residents and businesses and to minimize any disruptions to those Toronto residents and businesses to the greatest extent possible,” he said.

Tory did not explicitly address possible noise concerns.

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