Metro Vancouver woke up to a heart attack at the pumps this weekend

May 14 2022, 4:53 pm

Remember last week when gas prices shot up to $2.229 per litreĀ in Vancouver? Turns out, that was the time to fill up.

On Saturday, May 14, folks in BC’s Lower Mainland woke up to a new heart-stopping reality at the pumps.

A new all-time high for gas prices ā€“ $2.279 per litre ā€“ was observed at gas stations in Metro Vancouver.

gas prices

Daily Hive

In the last month, the average cost of gas in Vancouver has jumped from $1.959 per litre to a new high of $2.279.

Even though these prices were predicted by Dan McTeague to jump almost 11 cents to $2.279 by Saturday, that doesn’t take away the sting of actually seeing the price at the pumps.

Before the recent surge in prices, the cost of gas had been rising rapidly in Metro Vancouver over the past six months.

BC issued a one-time reliefĀ rebate for drivers earlier in the year to help address the affordability crisis, and this week,Ā John Horgan addressed the high gas prices directly and was criticized by the Liberal Party who called to suspend provincial gas taxes.

Gas prices across Canada

Taking a look at average prices in Vancouver compared to Canada, the rest of the country is also feeling the pain at the pump.

gas prices

Gas Buddy

This chart from Gas Buddy shows the change in average gas prices in the last month for both Vancouver and Canada.

In Calgary and Edmonton, average gas prices were around $1.701 and $1.670 respectively on the weekend.

gas prices

Gas Buddy

In Montreal, drivers were paying $2.078 at the pump, and in Toronto, gas prices shot up to more than $2.000 per litre.

gas prices

Gas Buddy

Of course, these were average prices, and the true cost at the pump fluctuates depending on the time of day and which station you go to.


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