Jeff Paterson "joining forces" with old 1040 pals Sekeres and Price

Mar 25 2021, 5:30 pm

Today was another busy day on the local sports radio scene.

Following major changes announced at Sportsnet 650, involving a few former TSN 1040 broadcasters, some other 1040 alumni made some news of their own.

Jeff Paterson is once again teaming up with Matt Sekeres and Blake Price. Paterson will be a regular contributor on the new incarnation of Sekeres and Price, which is currently a podcast but will eventually become a live digital-only broadcast.

Sekeres and Price are working with North Beach Agency, a local company involving former TSN 1040 advertising sales rep Rob Rees and former 1040 program director Rob Gray.

Paterson will contribute to Sekeres and Price in addition to his work on Rob Fai’s YouTube show, as well as the VanCast with Thomas Drance of The Athletic. The longtime broadcaster will contribute daily to Sekeres and Price, as well as providing a “Canuck report” for the show.

“We’re at a point in time where you have to get creative and branch out a little bit, and try to find ways to contribute, and that’s certainly what I have done through the years,” Paterson said on the latest episode of Sekeres and Price. “For me this is stepping back into familiar territory… I’m looking forward to it. I think this is an opportunity to create something on my own and also to contribute to what you guys have going here. I’m just really excited — really excited — to get this thing started.”

It’s been over six weeks since Bell Media pulled the plug on TSN 1040, leaving many popular local sports broadcasters out of work and causing a ripple effect in the local sports media industry.

Former TSN 1040 hosts Mike Halford, Jason Brough, and Karen Surman will make their debut on Sportsnet 650 next week. Unfortunately three other broadcasters — James Cybulski, Perry Solkowski, and Andrew Walker — were let go.

Don Taylor and Rick Dhaliwal will broadcast their first show together on CHEK television on Monday, April 5. Taylor will also be a regular contributor to Sportsnet 650.

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