Cantina 189: Vancouver's new intimate cocktail bar opens soon

Mar 2 2022, 4:21 pm

We love a low-key cocktail joint, and it looks like Vancouver is about to get a fantastic new one soon: Cantina 189.

This new intimate cocktail-focused space is located next to La Taqueria in Gastown and can be accessed through the popular taco shop’s walk-in freezer door.

Set to officially launch next week, Cantina 189 was inspired by its owners’ nostalgia and good memories.

This concept is brought to us by the same team who gave us Chupito, arguably one of the most popular new outdoor drink destinations that launched in the city last summer.

Cantina 189’s starting cocktail lineup will pay homage to sips born in the 1970s alongside some best-selling cocktails you might recognize from Chupito as freezer pours.

The bar also emphasizes trying to be as low-waste as possible, substituting fresh citrus for cordials and re-using citrus husks from Chupito and La Taqueria.



Like any legit cantina, this spot will offer primarily standing space for guests, who can lean and enjoy beverages and a small snack menu featuring bites such as anchoas, fuet, cheeses, bread, popcorn, and chicharron.

The space itself is dark, sexy, and full of candles. Music and good vibes will be flowing, and live tunes are definitely in the plans for the future, as is a daytime bottle shop in the summer.


Owners tell Dished Vancouver that this new concept is the missing piece to an all-encompassing experience patrons can enjoy at three distinct concepts in one space.

“La Taqueria, Chupito, and now Cantina 189 are all connected physically, and guests will be able to flow between the spaces as their day and evening progress. Trips to Europe, and Berlin, namely with places like Sisyphos, inspired us to want to bring this type of experience to Vancouver. Cantina 189 was the missing link.”


We’ll keep you posted on an exact opening date for this joint.

Once open, operating hours will be Wednesday and Thursday from 5 pm to midnight and Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 2 am.

Keep an eye on traffic and information here.

Cantina 189

Address: 324 W Hastings Street, Vancouver

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