Gas prices across Canada reach new record highs (PHOTOS)

May 8 2022, 7:56 pm

On Sunday, May 8, Canadians woke up to a new reality at the pump.

The highest gas prices in North America were in Metro Vancouver, where prices were at $2.229 per litre.

A Gas Buddy heat map shows where Canadians are paying the most for gas and highlights the areas where the average cost per litre is the highest.

gas prices

Gas Buddy

Here’s a look at gas prices across Canada’s major cities:

Gas Prices in Vancouver

The price of gas in Vancouver on Sunday, May 8 was $2.229 per litre.

Gas Prices in Calgary

gas prices

Gas Buddy

In Calgary, the price of gas this weekend was around $1.629 per litre on average according to Gas Buddy.

Gas Prices in Edmonton

gas prices

Gas Buddy

In Edmonton over the weekend, average gas prices climbed to just under $1.600 per litre.

Gas Prices in Montreal

In Montreal, the price of gas was higher than $2 per litre, observed as $2.019 at some pumps according to one Twitter user.

Gas Prices in Toronto

In Toronto over the weekend, gas prices were approaching the $2 per litre mark at around $1.960.

Why is the price of gas so high? It’s likely due to a variety of factors, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Since the invasion began in late February, the price of gas has been increasing quickly. But drivers will remember that gas prices were already climbing prior to the invasion, too.



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