Butter Burger is a new Wisconsin-style burger concept in Vancouver

Apr 27 2023, 9:58 pm

Vancouver’s burger game is seriously impressive these days, with several smash burger joints, a Filipino-influenced burger vendor, and multiple cool-casual chains offering up elevated versions of the fast-food classic.

The newest burger concept to enter the chat, so to speak, is Butter Burger, a “slow fast food concept” focusing on Wisconsin-style burgers.

For those unfamiliar with Wisconsin-style burgers – which, we’re guessing, is probably most of us – the delicacy is best described as “the grilled cheese of cheeseburgers,” according to Butter Burger’s Nathan Tower.

The Vancouver-trained chef has worked in the industry for the last 20 years, and is no slouch when it comes to culinary experimentation and flavour combinations.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around North America on R&D [research and development] trips searching for new flavour combinations and I love burgers so I have always made a priority to try the best burgers in every city I’ve travelled to,” Tower tells Dished. “I discovered Wisconsin butter burgers a few years back and loved them.”

butter burger

The Big Mackenzie | Courtesy Butter Burger

Just as the name suggests, Butter Burgers are buttery, cheesy, and supremely decadent (not to mention delicious), with a crispy yet buttery crust on every bun.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, including Canadian AAA Angus beef, Kraft sliced American cheddar, real butter, and Martin’s potato rolls (of Shake Shack fame), Butter Burgers are a serious contender for one of the best burgers in Vancouver.

Butter Burger, which officially launched this month, is only available for pick-up and delivery through UberEats, but Tower says the goal is to grow the concept with its own brick-and-mortar space eventually.

Besides its namesake offerings, Butter Burger also offers chicken sandwiches (made with buttermilk-brined chicken breast), crinkle fries, and butter chicken poutine (made with Vij’s own butter chicken sauce). Kids’ meals are also available, as are Butterfinger chocolate bars and butterscotch apple pies for the sweeter side of things.

butter burger

Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich | Courtesy Butter Burger

butter burger

Crinkle Fries | Courtesy Butter Burger

“I think it is the most underrated regional American burger,” Tower says of the Wisconsin-style burg.

You can try it out for yourself by ordering Butter Burger through UberEats, available on Fridays from 5 to 10 pm and on Saturdays from noon until 10 pm.

Butter Burger


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