Protesters honking up a storm in Vancouver again this weekend (VIDEO)

Feb 5 2022, 9:44 pm

In Vancouver, you can typically hear the sounds of seagulls and crows on a weekend morning.

This Saturday, the city is experiencing a sound bath of another kind.

For the second weekend in a row, demonstrators have entered the city loudly honking.

According to reports on social media, today’s protest supports the “Freedom Convoy.” Also, protesters with the “Media is the Virus Convoy” are expected in the city today and could hold an anti-media rally downtown.

At one point this morning, counter-protesters blocked the flow of traffic for close to half an hour, blocking some “Freedom Convoy” supporters on Terminal Avenue from entering the city. However, Vancouver Police Department cleared the road and traffic began to move again.

In other parts of the city — like on Broadway and on Georgia Street — loud honking could be heard from protesters.

Vancouver Police said that counter-protesters changed the flow of convoy protesters by blocking intersections.

Police also said they were working hard to keep things moving and minimize traffic delays as hundreds of protest convoy vehicles entered downtown Vancouver.

On social media, live streamers at the protest gave viewers a taste of what it was like on the ground, including MissBeHaze on Twitch and Bryton’s Thoughts on YouTube.

On Friday, Vancouver’s Mayor Kennedy Stewart warned protesters that they were not welcome in the city.

After receiving information on the “Freedom Convoy” protest from Ottawa Police, GoFundMe dropped a fundraiser for the movement.

While the protest is purported to rally for vaccine mandates to end, its drawn heavy criticism from the public, including the Canadian Trucking Alliance – the voice for truckers in Canada, the vast majority of whom are both vaccinated and not participating in protests this week.

With files from Amir Ali and Megan Devlin.

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