People are trolling the Timbiebs resellers online and it's amazing

Nov 30 2021, 9:34 pm

If you’re not a Belieber, then the events following the release of Justin Bieber’s Tim Hortons collaboration yesterday probably have you shaking your head.

As expected, many people across the country took the opportunity to purchase the limited edition Timbiebs and accompanying merchandise and resell it to profit.

This isn’t a new concept for highly anticipated foodie collabs; case in point, McDonald’s and BTS.

But, as we typically see with these releases, the bad — aka price gouging — always comes a bit of good. By good, we mean the outrageous (hopefully fake) listings sprinkled in between the real ones that make us chuckle.

Like the single, half-eaten Timbieb in “mint condition” on sale right now on Facebook Marketplace for the price of $50 (box not included):

Facebook Marketplace

But that half Timbieb nonsense is child’s play. If you’re really looking to put down some dough on this exclusive release, why not put your money where your mouth is and invest in one of the several Timbiebs-branded boxes going for a cool $1 million.

Facebook Marketplace

If you’d like to spend significantly less than $1 million on a sticky cardboard box, there are much more affordable options on the market like a $100,000 item or this $10,000 listing, a steal of a deal if you ask us.

We can’t help but smile about all this. But one thing is for sure, regardless of all the funny business going down online, people are loving their Timbiebs IRL.

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