Toronto's latest pot shop application is right next to graffiti alley

Feb 15 2019, 11:28 pm

According to the AGCO, a new application has been submitted for a Toronto cannabis store. Filing under the name Nova Cannabis, the new pot shop intends to open up on 499 Queen St West, parallel to the city’s iconic Graffiti Alley.

This will be the third of five cannabis stores in the Toronto municipality, after the Ford government chose to license an initial 25 storefronts in the province in order to avoid the shortages that have plagued other regions, including Alberta and Quebec.

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Other potential locations in Toronto include Ameri in Yorkville and The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. which is seeking to open up shop on 202 Queen St West, a short walk from Nova Cannabis’s intended location.

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Nova Cannabis is a chain of cannabis retailers currently operating five stores in Alberta, according to their website. The company confirmed to Grow that the store is a sole proprietorship and the owner has entered into a licensing agreement with the company to use their name.

In January, it was announced that Heather Conlon, Seyedarash Seyedameri, Colin Campbell, Dana Michele Kendal, and Hunny Gawri had been selected in a lottery to open the first Toronto stores.

An update to the AGCO’s website also shows that one name was removed from the province’s list of licensees. Gary Hatt’s name was disqualified from possessing a GTA region cannabis retail license for allegedly violating Rule 2(b), which states that winners are “not permitted to change their applicant type, ownership and/or corporate structure in such a way that would result in a change of control of the Expression of Interest Applicant or licensee during the Lottery Process.”


The AGCO rules state that those awarded the licenses should be prepared to sell cannabis by April 1, 2019, and be ready to comply with requirements under the Cannabis Licence Act, its regulations, and the Registrar’s Standards for Cannabis Retail Stores.

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