Tambayan Ni Kabayan restaurant in Edmonton launches robot service

Sep 29 2022, 8:26 pm

Tambayan Ni Kabayan, a popular bakery and cafe in Edmonton, has just placed a rather unique “employee” on the floor to greet and serve guests.

A robot named Peanut rolls around the restaurant smiling, playing music, and most impressive of all, serves food to the guests at each table.

After you place your order, the robot will then bring your food straight to your table, with no trouble finding you. Just grab your tray and say thank you to Peanut!

Peanut was designed by KEENON Robotics, an artificial intelligence enterprise committed to providing intelligent unmanned delivery solutions. That’s all very fancy, but guests just seem to love the unique style of service and tasty food here.

Tambayan Ni Kabayan serves items like bubble tea, cheese bread, smoothies, savoury baked goods, and much more.

There are several new spots adopting this technologically advanced approach to serving, like Pizza Hut and Space Robo Chicken in Calgary. At Space Robo Chicken, robots are even MAKING fried chicken in the back. What’s next? Maybe soon we will be dining with robots.

If you’re in the very specific mood of wanting to meet a robot and try some good food, then now you can!

Tambayan Ni Kabayan

Address: 11951 82nd Street NW, Edmonton


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