Dished Neighbourhood Gems: Calgary's Mission

Jan 6 2023, 4:44 pm

Calgary is home to some amazing gems, longstanding classics, and under-the-radar establishments when it comes to stellar food and beverage. 

We’re doing the digging for you by highlighting the best local destinations to check out in each neighbourhood (if you haven’t already).

Here are our Dished Neighbourhood Gems for Mission.

It city seems to have that community that lies conveniently close to the downtown core but feels entirely residential. It feels close to everything you need, but the coziness of homes, familiar shops, apartment buildings, and more surround you. In this case, one of YYC’s most interesting inner city areas feels quiet, but lively and fun when you’re looking for it.

In Calgary, that’s the community of Mission.

This neighbourhood is known for local shops, designer fashion stores, international markets, 4th Street, and more. There are also some incredible places to eat, many of which are considered the best in the city.

Calgary has iconic streets like Stephen Avenue, mostly made up of chain restaurants (nothing wrong with that, just saying), or 17th, which seems to change by day (easygoing, friendly) and night (vibrant, busy), but it’s the unique space, between 17th Avenue, the Elbow river, and 4th Street, that feels like one of Calgary’s most appreciated places to hop from restaurant to restaurant.

Several food markets, trendy taco bars, sports pubs, fusion restaurants, fine dining establishments, and adorable French cafes all make deciding where to eat a very difficult choice.

It’s also surrounded by running paths, river walks, bike lanes, and fitness stores and classes that give the community here an outdoorsy vibe.

Technically, 17th Avenue is still considered the Beltline, but this list focuses on the rest of the area and will save the gems on that iconic street for another deep look.

Here are some of our favourite food and drink gems in Calgary’s Mission district.

Fine dining Italian: Mercato Mission


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Not only does Mercato have some of the best Italian and pasta dishes in Calgary, but there’s also a market attached to grab a quick take-home bite or Pizza Mercato in the back for an amazing pie.

The massive bistecca steak here is also one of the best dishes in Calgary.

Address: 2224 4th Street SW, Calgary


Hip cocktails: Milk Tiger


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This is the number one bar to go to when you’re looking for a fun but intimate space with killer cocktails. There are close to 75 cocktails on the menu here, most of them classics from the espresso martini to the Send in the Clones, made with Otani Cucumber & Mint Vodka, creme de peche, maraschino, lime, green tea syrup, and hopped grapefruit bitters.

Address: 2004 4th Street SW, Calgary


Modern Korean fusion: Roy’s Korean Kitchen


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First came Anju on Calgary’s 4th Street and 17th Avenue, and now we have Roys Korean Kitchen, a fun spot with many of the same delicious food items, like the ramen carbonara and the famous chicken wings.

Address: 2024 4th Street SW, Calgary


Italian Japanese Fusion: Carino


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Italian and Japanese fusion might seem like an odd gimmick for a restaurant, but this spot takes it very seriously and does it incredibly well.

The Gyozagna is the perfect example of the two different cuisines coming together, with these pork gyoza dumplings topped with Wagyu meat sauce and mozzarella cheese to create a spin on lasagna.

Address: 2210 4th Street SW, Calgary


Traditional Lebanese: Aida’s Bistro


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This family-owned spot has been serving Calgary’s Mission district for more than 20 years.

Some of the traditional dishes served here include pitas and dips, chicken wings made with garlic, coriander, and lemon dressing, several kinds of couscous, rolled grape leaves, and so many more.

Address: 2208 4th Street SW, Calgary


Margs and Tacos: Anejo Restaurant

Tacos and margaritas are the names of the game at this spot on 4th. Of course, there are plenty of other things to try, but it’s the amazing tacos and over 10 different kinds of margaritas that make this one of the most fun places to grab a drink.

Address: 2116 4th Street SW #2, Calgary


Classic French: Fleur de Sel Brasserie

From seafood, to escargot to fois gras, this spot serves a classic French menu that’s one of the best in the city. There are interesting dishes like ratatouille with brie or cambozola that make you feel like you’re ordering right in Paris, especially in the romantic space.

Address: 2015 4th Street SW #2, Calgary

Wine Bar: Vin Room


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This sit-down wine bar is a little quieter and fancier than many others on the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a good time. This is the spot to have an intimate glass of wine with someone and get deep into conversation over a cheese plate.

The best spot to sit is along the window where you can do some of the best people-watching in the area.

Address: 2310 4th Street SW, Calgary


Irish sports pub: Joyce on 4th

It really does seem like Calgary’s 4th Street has every type of restaurant and bar and adding an Irish pub seems to complete the list. Grab some pub food, or just stop in for a perfectly poured Guinness.

This spot is filled with regulars, diners, drinkers, and sports lovers watching the game. It really feels like a popular Irish pub where people feel comfortable gathering for all kinds of reasons.

Address: 506 24th Avenue SW, Calgary


Japanese cuisine: Bincho Sushi & Izakaya


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Izakaya means “a place for drinks” and this Japanese restaurant is a great place to gather.

Besides cocktails, sake, and chu-hi, there are all kinds of dishes like sushi, sashimi, noodles, rice bowls, and Kushiyaki (skewers). All kinds of high-quality meats and vegetables on a stick can be ordered by the piece, like duck breast, pig intestine, chicken meatballs, and shiitake mushrooms.

Address: 2204 4th Street SW, Calgary


Karaoke bar: Ducky’s Pub

This is one of the most popular bars in Calgary because it’s one of the best places for karaoke.

There are specials every night, an amazing sound system, karaoke every single night, and a great pub menu full of food and drinks for some liquid confidence before you hit the stage.

Address: 2100 4th Street SW, Calgary


Southern-style BBQ: South Block

The last spot on this list, right at the very end of 4th Street, is the stunning South Block. The BBQ food menu is outstanding, and the open room and patio, and the massive basement that often has live shows are the perfect place to start or end the journey on the 4th.

This is one of the top spots in Calgary’s Mission if you need a great spot for a big group.

Address: 2437 4th Street SW, Calgary


If you have a neighbourhood gem in or around the city that you want to shine a spotlight on, let us know at [email protected]. 

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