"So proud, so excited": Tegan and Sara happy Calgary is in the spotlight

Oct 3 2022, 4:47 pm

Tegan and Sara grew up in Calgary and have gone on to do some amazing things in the music world. Now their hometown is growing up as well.

The duo was back in Calgary at the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) getting ready for the release of the show based on their memoir High School on October 28 on Amazon Prime.

The show was filmed in Calgary, one of many shows that have come to this area lately.

Sara says it has been really exciting to see the city get this type of recognition.

“I have walked through life as a Calgarian feeling really annoyed and defensive in Canada, you know. I remember my first trip to Toronto at like, 18 years old and people were like, well, you gotta get out of Calgary, right? Like the whole cowboy thing.”

Calgary has a lot to work with from a film standpoint. Between some of the gems in the city, the natural beauty just to the west of us in the Rocky Mountains, Calgary, and the surrounding area checks a lot of boxes for putting a show or movie together.

But it seems like Calgary has only recently started to get recognized for that. Sara has always been confused by the lack of recognition the city and province were getting but is happy it is happening now.

“Even as just a Canadian who has always felt like… why do people have such a limited view or such a limited understanding of just how cool and diverse and, you know, textured, Calgary is as a city and Alberta is as a province?”

Sara credits their mom for giving them an appreciation and understanding of how great the arts scene is in Calgary and the potential it has.

Their journey has taken the duo away from Calgary now but Sara was happy to be back putting the show together.

“I absolutely love being here for three months. I loved it. I feel really, really proud and if I wasn’t such a huge wimp now when it comes to winter, I mean, I could totally live here easily again, easily.”

Along with their new show coming out October 28, Tegan and Sara also have an album, Crybaby coming out October 21.

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