Doctor buying 100 beers for vaccinated folks at pub slammed for keeping passport

Feb 17 2022, 8:19 pm

One hundred free beers is a lot to buy a pub filled with strangers, but Dr. Stephanie Cooper plans to do just that tonight at The Ship and Anchor Pub on 17th Avenue.

Dr. Stephanie Cooper, who works at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary, will be buying beer for people today at 5 pm for anyone who is using their vaccine passport.

Restrictions in Alberta were recently lifted, which then ended the Restrictions Exemptions Program. Some Alberta restaurants didn’t feel ready to make the change just yet.

The iconic Ship and Anchor Pub announced in an Instagram post that they would be voluntarily “hitting pause on removing the REP while we consult our staff, assess customers’ comfort levels, and wait on the city’s response.”

Just days after that, Ship and Anchor turned off its social media commenting after “intolerant and hateful exchanges.”

This is why Dr. Stephanie Cooper has chosen to pay for 100 beers for people who show their vaccine passport, in support of the bar’s plans to safely re-open.

“I have offered to buy a ‘round for the house’ tomorrow afternoon at the Ship,” Dr. Stephanie Cooper told Daily Hive.

“Recently, there has been so much vitriol directed at individuals and businesses that have voiced concerns about the rapid removal of public health measures in Alberta,” she added.

“Businesses that want to move cautiously, and protect their staff and patrons should be supported – not shunned.”


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Times are tough and tensions are high right now, so Dr. Cooper is doing this on a positive note with hopes to celebrate friends at the Calgary icon.

“While obeying all current restrictions within the mandate, my goal is to show the Ship some love. And drink some beer,” Dr. Cooper told Daily Hive.

If you have your vaccine passport, love The Ship and Anchor, and would love a free beer, stop by the ship February 17 at 5 pm.

The Ship and Anchor Pub

Where: 534 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
When: February 17 at 5 pm


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