The 13 most haunted places in Calgary

Jul 4 2016, 12:00 am

Here are the creepiest places in Calgary. You may not believe these haunted places in Calgary are legit, but we dare you to go there after dark. Your spine will tingle, your hair will stand up, and even the slightest sound will make you jump. Guaranteed.

The most haunted places in Calgary

1. The Deane House

Dean House Calgary

Image by Scott Richards on Flickr

At least three ghost stories are told about Deane House, perhaps the most haunted building in town. People have told of seeing a mysterious man with a pipe, an aboriginal man telling trespassers to leave his sacred ground, while others have heard laughter in the halls. Built for the Superintendent of Fort Calgary, the home has seen stabbings, suicides, and peculiar deadly accidents over the years.

2. Devil’s Playground

Devils Playground Calgary

Image via Google Streetview

Listed as one of the most haunted places in Canada, the story of Devil’s Playground starts when an old schoolhouse burned down. A fire started in a hallway and claimed the lives of three children. Over the years people would report the sound of children playing around the charred foundation. Other stories tell of wrecking crews having malfunctions when they came to develop the area. The story is so intriguing that in the spring a film crew was asking for crowd funding to do a short film on the story.

3. Knox United Church

Knox United Church

Image by Malcolm on Flickr

This church in downtown Calgary is haunted, but in a good way. Ghosts have been seen praying, knitting, and one woman in early 20th century clothing was spotted walking through doors. The most shocking ghost story from Knox United Church however, is that of the organist who reported having a hand slapped by a spirit for playing incorrectly.

4. House and Hound

House and Hound

Image by DaveBloggs on Flickr

From Fire Hall to community centre to fine dining restaurant, the Hose and Hound has seen many different uses over the years. One constant however are the ghosts that have been around since the very beginning when the legendary Cappy Smart was Fire Chief here.

5. The Prince House

The Prince House Calgary Haunted

Image by James Tworow on Flickr

Now located at Heritage Park, the Prince House is certainly the most haunted looking of the buildings on our list. Peter Prince’s home used to be located in Eau Claire (Prince’s Island) and while he was a flourishing businessmen, his wives had a notorious habit of dying. He lost three wives in a decade, one of them being Emma Prince who died of tuberculosis and was confined to the attic.

On Halloween 2010, I grabbed some real life ghost hunters and we stayed up all night in the Prince House monitoring for paranormal activity. The ghost hunters swear their equipment picked up “come over here” at one point. Can you hear it?

6. Zoo Bridge

Zoo Bridge Calgary

Image by Dave Bloggs on Flickr

The St George’s Bridge links Inglewood to St Patrick’s Island and the Calgary Zoo today. There used to be a playground near where the Calgary Zoo’s security building now sits. In 1946, Donnie Goss was playing in the park when a man lured him away with an offer of toys. The six-year-old was murdered under the bridge and Emergency Services in Calgary are reportedly still called to the site two or three times a year with reports from people saying they’ve heard a child crying for help.

7. Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Image by Elsie Hui on Flickr

An old formal hotel is the perfect setting for all sorts of stories including apparitions that have reportedly been seen wandering the halls of the century-old Fairmont Palliser.

8. Lougheed House

Lougheed House Calgary

Image by Bill Longstaff on Flickr

This classic sandstone building was once home to Senator James Alexander Lougheed. There are numerous ghost stories to be told about Lougheed House, a popular place for weddings. The most frequent sees patrons spotting a translucent couple dancing in the ballroom.

9. Rose & Crown Pub

Rose and Crown Pub Calgary

Image via Google Streetview

A good haunted house story starts with a creepy history. How about a pub that used to be a funeral home? That’s the Rose and Crown. Toss in a very small attic where staff have had lights flicker and windows open and stories of a small boy hiding in the basement, and you’ll get the creeps with your burger and fries.

10. Rouge Restaurant

Rouge Restaurant Calgary

Image by James Tworow on Flickr

Formerly known as Cross House, Rouge has many peculiar happenings that has turned chef and owner Paul Rogalski into a ghost believer. Pots and pans have been known to fly around, doors will open and close, and so has a vault. Mediums claim the home is haunted by the ghosts of Helen Cross and her three-year-old daughter Nellie. Some have also spotted a young girl and her father sitting by a fireplace.

11. The Grandstand at the Stampede

The Grandstand at the Stampede

Image by Buzz Bishop

The Calgary Stampede is home to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, but is it also home to spirits not of this world? There have been reports of apparitions, strange noises, and hollow footsteps attributed to a construction worker that died during the facility’s construction.

12. Doll Block Building

Doll Block Building Calgary

Image via Google Streetview

If you walk down Stephen Avenue after dark, stop outside the Doll Block building at the east of the street. Look up to the big bay window on the 3rd floor and see if you can see Mr Doll’s wife, or maybe it’s his 10-year-old daughter, Florence. A female ghost is said to sit in the window and wander the building.

13. Suitor House

Suitor House Calgary Haunted

Image via Bill Longstaff on Flickr

Now the office of a doctor, Suitor House was once home to a railroad worker who was killed. Heartbroken, his wife died soon after. Lights have been known to flicker in the building and people have reported seeing a woman in a long white dress with flowing black hair standing on the balcony.

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