Best pho in Calgary you need to try at least once

Oct 11 2023, 3:00 pm

Looking for the best pho in Calgary? Look no pho-ther.

When it comes to well-seasoned, warming, liquid eats, nothing says comfort like a piping-hot bowl of pho. The Vietnamese noodle soup dish is composed of broth, silky rice noodles, a handful of herbs and vegetables, and thinly sliced meat.

It isn’t just pho either — there are so many incredible spots for Ramen in YYC as well.

Fragrant, steaming, and loaded with tender meat and soft-textured noodles, here’s our list of where to find delicious, slurp-worthy pho in Calgary.

Mot To


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From the team behind Pho Dau Bo, this contemporary Vietnamese restaurant features a menu of traditional dishes with modern twists.

The chefs know that there is much more to Vietnamese food than classics like pho and vermicelli bowls. This new concept is a chance to be playful and inventive with familiar and traditional dishes.

It also just happened to become one of Air Canada’s Best New Restaurants. It’s without a doubt some of the best pho in Calgary you could hope to find.

Address: 1609 Centre Street NW, Calgary


Pure Street Food


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Soup, rice, or noodle bowls are a can’t miss, but we just can’t get enough of this Hu Tieu Mi Kho noodle bowl with two kinds of noodles (all pork dry egg noodles and rice noodles), char siu pork, ground pork, mixed greens, garlic, sate oil, and crispy pork spring rolls.

Every order also comes with a side of pork rib broth, green onion, and cilantro.

One thing you HAVE to do is grab one of the savoury sesame donuts. We suggest the fire chicken and cheese.

It also just happened to become one of the best new places in Canada for takeout.

Address: 1327 1st Street SW, Calgary


Rice for King

Whether you’re craving your favourite dish or in the mood to try something new, Rice for King will have something that’s sure to satisfy you. From tasty pho and other soups to vermicelli, subs, appetizers, and salads, RFK’s wide selection of items makes for a new experience every time!

Address: 9184 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-253-8387

Address: #220 11135 14th Street NE, Calgary
Phone: 587-755-8382

Address: #113 30 Market Boulevard SW, Airdrie
Phone: 587-775-6859

Address: 8180 11th Street SE, Calgary

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Hà Tiên


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This unassuming neighbourhood staple serves up some truly incredible Vietnamese dishes. Hà Tiên uses fresh ingredients to bring out the flavour in all of its foods, including its pho, which you can get with brisket, tripe, and seafood, along with the usual chicken and beef options.

Address: #10 11225 30th Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-453-1515


Bow River Restaurant

Bow River Restaurant dishes out huge, steaming hot portions of pho and other delicious creations. Enjoy a bowl in its modern dining room or order a meal for pick-up or delivery.

Address: #102 8408 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-259-6099

Tamarind Vietnamese Grill & Noodle House


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Tamarind’s dishes originate from many generations of secret family recipes, hard-working restaurateurs, and foodies, and it’s now opted to focus its menu on vegan Vietnamese food. Try a bowl of Tamarind’s pho ASAP, crafted with house-made tofu and noodles free of preservatives and GMO products.

Address: 908 12th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-262-6644

Van Son

The family behind Van Son is made up of over 50 cousins who own a number of Vietnamese restaurants in Calgary and the surrounding area, as well as in Saskatoon, so you know there’s a lot of experience and love in their meals.

Address: #308 16th Avenue NW, Calgary
Phone: 403-276-9990

Address: #307 100 Marina Drive, Chestermere
Phone: 403-248-8311


Pho Huong Viet


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Pho Huong’s huge menu is sure to have something for everyone, but we recommend the Medium-Rare Steak and Triple Noodle Soup or Special Sate Beef Noodle Soup if you’re in the mood for some comforting pho.

Address: 3855 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-686-3799

Nho Saigon

This Marda Loop staple is perfect for a warm bowl of soup on a chilly day (or any day, really). Nho Saigon’s pho options include shrimp and crab meat, medium-rare beef, tiger prawns, beef balls, chicken, and more.

Address: 2111 33rd Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-246-1388

Pho Dau Bo Restaurant


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Pho Sate Ga Hoac Bo Hoac Do Bien is this spot’s famous dish. The broth is cooked for 16 hours and can be ordered with chicken, beef, or seafood and can also be paired with the eatery’s regular beef broth or spicy sate broth.

Address: #110 4909 17th Avenue SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-272-5160

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LeLa Vietnamese

Known for its epic pho (and even more epic pho challenges), LeLa is hard to beat when it comes to a piping hot bowl of noodles in Calgary.

Address: Bay #4, 6624 Centre Street SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-255-5665

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Pho Thanh Vietnamese Noodle House


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A cozy spot to stop into and grab a quality bowl of soup, Pho Thanh has been a local favourite for a while.

Address: 6630 4th Street NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-295-0563


Pho 26 Restaurant

Pho 26 uses 26 ingredients to make its soup (starting with water, beef, bone, salt, pepper, and sugar) so you know it’s got to be good.

Address: 4019 17th Avenue SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-457-2636

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Pho Hoan Pasteur


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This Edmonton-based pho chain has five Calgary locations where you can head to get a killer bowl of soup, including Mahogany Plaza, Royal Oak, Sage Hill, and Quarry Park.

Address: #160 7 Mahogany Plaza SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-453-8663

Address: #8108 8650 112 Avenue NW, Calgary
Phone: 587-353-2188

Address: #917 163 Quarry Park Boulevard SE, Calgary
Phone: 587-356-0868

Address: #130 74 Sage Hill Plaza NW, Calgary
Phone: 587-619-0224

Address: 20 Longview Common SE #540, Calgary
Phone: 403-500-0399

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Pho Anh Huyen Vietnamese Noodle House


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This neighbourhood spot is known for pho and spring rolls, so it’s never a bad idea to stop in here when you’re craving those items.

Address: 1403 Centre Street NW, Calgary
Phone: 403-276-3636


Pho Hoai Vietnamese Noodle House


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This pho spot is popular with locals and has a ton of return customers. One taste of its quality pho and it’s not hard to see why.

Address: Bay #16, 132 3rd Avenue SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-264-8174


With files from Hanna McLean, Elle McLean, and Hogan Short

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