8 best ramen spots in Calgary you need to try at least once

Sep 9 2021, 2:04 pm

With fall on the not-so-distant horizon, chilly weather is on the way to Calgary, so what better time to enjoy some piping hot ramen?

Broth, noodles, and tons of options for meat, veggies, eggs, and other toppings combine to create what basically tastes like a hug in a bowl.

Whether you’re looking for a filling lunch, a comforting dinner, or a delicious late-night snack, ramen is always a good idea. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing options in YYC for this popular Japanese dish.

Here are eight of the best spots in Calgary to grab a steaming bowl of ramen.

JINYA Ramen Bar


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JINYA is known for its slow-cooked approach to ramen, simmering its broths in-house for 20 hours. This contemporary Japanese dining chain offers a customizable menu, sleek interior, and a rotating “Chef’s Special” dish.

Address: #180 1800 4th Street SW
Phone: 587-356-0721

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Shokunin combines local ingredients combine with Japanese techniques and flavours to create a unique dining experience. In addition to some amazing ramen, this eatery also features craft cocktails, charred yakitori, small plates, and sake.

Address: 2016 4th Street SW
Phone: 403-229-3444

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Ikeman Ramen Bar


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This Kensington institution offers the traditional choices for ramen, but there are also plenty of inventive options as well, including Green Curry Seafood Ramen, Roasted Tomato Veggie Ramen, Mushroom Ramen, and Karaage Yuzu Yogurt Cold Ramen. Ikeman also offers fun add-ons for your soup, such as cheese curds and avocado.

Address: 217 10th Street NW
Phone: 403-452-2148

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Shiki Menya


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This ramen spot is so good that it only sells a limited number of bowls each day, so make sure you get it before it’s gone. If you miss out, Shiki Menya also ramen kits at the First Avenue Corner Store located behind their restaurant.

Address: 824 1st Avenue NE
Phone: 403-454-2722

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Muku Japanese Ramen


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Muku boasts several different ramen soup options, one of which is mysteriously named “Ninja.” The resto also offers non-soup ramen in three different flavours, rice bowls, salads, and desserts.

Address: 326 14th Street NW
Phone: 403-283-6555

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Menyatai Japanese Noodles

Menyatai serves up tons of delicious, traditional, and unique options for ramen, along with udon, Donburi, Japanese rice bowls, sake, and beer. We suggest trying the curry or vegetable ramens for fresh takes on this classic dish.

Address: 24 12th Street NW
Phone: 403-263-3666

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This Japanese BBQ restaurant has a grill installed at every table for a fun dining experience, but if you’re looking for something a little more simple, Gyu-Kaku also dishes out a couple of incredible ramen options, with an emphasis on garlic.

Address: #100 638 6th Avenue SW
Phone: 587-538-6601

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Gorilla Whale


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This Inglewood hotspot describes itself as a rock ‘n roll-lovin’, fun, loud, “Japanese-ish” restaurant and lounge. Gorilla Whale features fun, innovative, and playful takes on Japanese cuisine and serves up mouth-watering yakitori, ramen, burgers, cocktails, sake, and local craft beer.

Address: 1214 9th Avenue SE
Phone: 587-356-2686

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